from Peter in Troy to Clarinda in Utica, boat full of water, bully team, Cyrus, coal Schenectady


from Utica, lonesome, garden, fiddle, looks "choopfallen", Jerry Mullin, Alex Lyons, circus


sabbath, lonesome, Almeda gave birth, Julia and Tom, Malvina, musksprate, Hills, Brown came in shop, paired with Fragment 2 closing I shall go to church tonight


wants her to come home, chores, she has stayed with Rose so long, July 4,draft


friend Marion in Cohoes to Clarinda, heard some "mate" died in Utica, is it Peter?


arrived NY, cars not stopped, boys broke glass, 3 regiments in park, crowded, Baltimore


"THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND ME", Camp Seward, sick, Gen Casey, Col unfeeling, Wes Dimbley


Camp Seward, names sick, has itch, Col Corcorans McMickeys, sends flowers from Lee house, paired with Undated 5, need to add to interpreted version


Camp Seward, may have camp itch, Washington Hospital, Antietem glass, small pox vaccine, paired with Fragment 4


Camp Seward, color letterhead of woman helping Zouave, wet tent, Fletch, Fordis Phelps, deserters


Camp Seward, review at Potomac, letter opened, Col and papers, deserters branded, molato


Camp Seward, letterhead of Cleveland w woman and poem, coats, Julia and Tom, $3 left


Camp Seward, embossed shield on letterhead,cold, snow, wet, bread, beans, and water,smoky tents


5 day 60 mi march, unburied dead and horses, Bull Run, Gainsville, McClellan, 6 pgs


Warington, surrounded by rebels and preparing to move, Jackson behind them


Thanksgiving day, crackers and salt pork, near Washington, sick, marched 100 mi, Gen Lee


Camp at Fredericksburgh, her military clothes, his dream, Ida, Peace rumors, hopes to settle it


to Clarinda from Marion in Cohoes, glad to hear it is not Peat who was dead, other friends, mill is running, got ten percent


Camp near Fredericksburgh, freezing, tent like pocket handkerchief, all sick, rumors go home if no pay, old castle & cabbage


Camp at Falmouth, witnessing shelling and burning of Fredericksburgh, got shelled shopping in Falmouth


Camp near Fredericksburgh, describes 6 days of Battle of Fredericksburgh in detail


Battle of Fredericksburgh, horrors, retreat, rear guard, lost, bridge destroyed as left


Camp on Potomac Creek, sketch of Fredericksburgh made during bombardment, Tom to General Hospital


Camp on Potomac Creek, Tom sick dysentary, court martial, no more Fredericksburgh


Camp on Potomac Creek, reflects on peaceful life, buried 2 more, court martial 30 pound log, peace talk


Christmas, hard to see die when might as well be sent home, disease doctors do not understand, deserters


many sick and dying, 9 officers reassigned, blames Capt Cone, guard duty, center position, unfit for duty, Fletch no letters in Utica from Regt since Fredericksburg


Tom very sick, Jacob Breish coffin, Joseph Corrigan tent mate, Fletch separated


from John W. Breish thanks for kindness to brother, can not get body, saw his folks and they are well


guard Gen Warrens hq, daughter of the Regt 17th regulars chased by drunk soldiers, Burnside, Breish trinkets, resignations, all wish war over


Camp on Potomac Creek, VA. Black tongue, Zouaves,hard tack box coffins. Dated Jan. 17 1862 (wrong year)


building roads in mud, men would not cross, Lee said would help, men deserting, political war


Camp near Potomac Creek,VA.,Clothes.lice,corporal,no coffins,Gen. Warren drunk! Says January 27 1862 (wrong year)


got box she and Julia sent, can not get it to Tom, remitant and typhoid fevers, pay, Fredericksburgh relics


taking box 30 mi rt to Tom at Acquia Creek hospital, made Fourth Sergeant, Fletch no barber business, says January 31 1863 (wrong year)


describes train, shopping,conditions at general Hospital Acquia Creek, Tom, Lumbard


Warren, picket, Mr. Steele, Malvina, commissioned, Tom, Hank


Tom back, William Jones, Demming, Tom Gray, Sergeant school, her walking to school barefoot


sketch winter scene, cold, snow, tents, wood, sickness and death, froze finger, government shoes, Deming, shoemaker Dennison, Washington Birthday


probably between visit to Tom Feb 2 and March 1 letter that mentions Julia and turkey box, ward money, sargeant


Camp near Potomac Creek,diarrhea, Demming, Dave Reese, rebel prisoners grit to backbone,well dressed, Julia, ward money, says March 1 1862 (wrong year)


sending pipe, could sell for $10, they call him whittling yankee, earned 75 cents whittling, got gloves, Ed [Burbiege] Tom


Camp sketch archway, Zouave uniform, Tom, Julia, turkey, money, Bates, Tyler, Sarah


armed all night, extra cartridges, Rebels, 4th Oneida, Fordis Phelps, would desert if she needs money, conscription law, March 3 1862 (wrong year)


firing around, smallpox vaccine,wants her to live with his parents, not her sister Julia, Tom may be discharged,George avoided draft?


ordered to march with only food and blanket, Bright on crutches and other cripples ordered to march, if killed on field bring up children as Christians


predicts Rebs are drawing them back through Fredericksburg to Richmond, Joe Hooker, Generals, Demming reports dirtiest demoralized Regt, booed


Joey, Josey, Sarah Graff, George Reiser, Hooker, bad drill, 146 best in marching, going for wood, will Ida recognize him, if knew no draft would be home now


Col mad and sent them without rations, command Duryea Zouaves, picture of them with young contrabands,Sesesh house, pontoons,Tom,George Wheeler


sore eye Co A and Co H snowball fight, Lincoln review, copied funny Fredericksburg wedding night letter


Grand Review by Lincoln 80 thousand troops, Rebels opposite, Fredericksburg ruins, children begging, no pay, sketching for money, whittling


says Monday April with blank date, hopes children better, mud dried up, grass green, left in charge of Camp with Lieut Walker, foreign general, Tom discharged?


orders to move, 8 days rations, Cavalry says across river, sent her letters home with Mr. England owns Genesee St shoe store, sister Mally


did not move, heavy rainstorm, sending $40 allotment pay, balloons over Fredericksburg looking for strike


order to move, 8 days rations, sick to Washington, curious move, jokes she says she will be like poor girl, ammunition explosion, Hooker broke leg


Hooker relieved of Command, rumor Fremont, upset his father is turning her out, Tom mad Julia letter says mother renting rooms


tramp to Falmouth and Fredericksburg ruins, Rebel soldiers fishing in Union uniforms, graybacks and yellow bellies, pack 8 days rations, her living with strangers


no location, scans identified as Undated 6, banner 1863, possibly April, just had "face pulled", may have changed


sketch made in Libby Prison, details Battle of Chancellorsville, Mud March, Libby Prison experience, names of prisoners, Steamer S.R.Spaulding


short letter, orders to leave Camp Parole, do not send money, tell Fletchers parents not to write until they hear


traveled all over and settled at Convalescent Camp near Alexandria, suffered past weeks, hopes to come home in August, needs money


Convalescent Camp, marched by Rebel Cavalry, horrible Libby Prison conditions and rations, sentry to fire if approach window, delightful camp now


she is alone in shanty, Ft. Corcoran, Fletch, Givens, Billy and Charley Kirkland, Camp Seward easy, 146 not 4th of July soldiers, papers not come


over cold, her letter with money, her lifting heavy things, who wanted the money, Fletch digearious fever, has not heard from Col, strawberries


no letter from Col which was his hope of getting home, no one allowed to leave, how much are provisions and rent for paddy hole, where is George


rumors of another Bull Run, description Menzo Gibbs death on battlefield, sick soldiers, her idea to telegraph, beef bone ring, paired with Fragment 3


put up tents, 7000 convalescents arrived, sick to barracks, rumor furlough if sickness or death, new uniform curious, pities army hot


waiting for her telegram, would give all to come home, girl in Camp age of Ida, soldiers waiting for letters, Fletch, artillery in camp, pin in mouth


has not gotten telegraph she said sending, Fletch, hard march, wants furlough badly, 4 pictures in case Ida and Willie, afraid folks offended


Dear Brother, would have written if knew in Utica, does not write all hardships, discourages from enlisting, love to father and mother


no 4th of July, took telegram to Col who sent to War Dept, dream home so reverse- will not, picture with Fletch new uniform, rumor Lee captured


from Sarah Graff in Hawkinsville NY to Clara, left Utica, house on lake, wishes died with husband and child, asks for Clara husband and children


Ida sick, Papa girl, Willie, George to picnic, since telegram presentiment Lord will punish, rebels destroyed, tired, Malvina, Harwoods, Justis Place


ring for Ida, rumor exchange soon, George, Utica Herald, picnic, she was cheated on stockings pay, Fletch photo, Bill Jones, Co A surrender, surrounded


Ida sick again, sorry he told Fletch why she called for him and he told parents, Otto Gulick, Capson factory, money, Mary Myers


hopes she got money, Ida sick, George & Mally do not write, will be exchanged, driving Rebels hard, hopes wicked rebellion ends, tired of lying around


feels bad his folks treated her with disrespect, one room upstairs, her living so poorly, Joey steps and night society, Ida ring, no houses, George drafted?


Mally letter with picture, boys going crazy good looks, sending Harpers Weekly, sad she cries when writes, lengthy sentiment, soon in service 1 year


Joey letter picture, Mr. Hart, Bill Dagwell, Kate baby, prisoners revolted, new camp, guard, cut rations, CO stoned, furlough too late June 8, Dimbleby


hot sun, Mr. Hart, prisoners guarded, half rations, revolted, desperate men may claim rights by force, could have been home, says Aug 2 1863 (wrong year)


got her picture, soldiers will fall in love, she cannot come or might be blackguarded, Jim Harper, new Camp Parole better, cannot get stamps


Potomac clams, huckleberries, Mr Place wants Mally to write, Tom and Julia letter, Regt 190 men, 4 regts consolidated, poem in different handwriting


upset letter from Bill Dagwell says she went twice to Hart and Dagwell for money, what Old [Top?] said at Carters, cannot do his country justice


got letter and picture of Mother, carries a lot of pictures, yellow fever, whiskey and quinine, Joey, young [top?], Sarah Graff, true as steel


upset stomach, whiskey and quinine, soldiers beastly drunk, yellow fever, NY Herald, Rebels refuse exchange, riots and draft resistance, disheartens soldiers


has been a year, may never come home, remembers their parting, Regt reduced from 900 to 170, 4th Oneida had it easy, sending papers


Julia letter, her hop picking, Dave Jones horrible news, Commissioners cannot agree on exchange, Negro Soldiers, busy in charge of 68 men, same power as Capt


sends picture, discourages hop picking, Utica draft, George, lay awake remembers Chancellorsville, human butchery, in charge Squad No 11


papers George not drafted, Sarah Graff, Mr. Place, mean women Washington, Philip Smith, Bill Sweatfager, Bill Dagwell, Charles Milburey, Brother Henry


Lieut furlough, deserters to be shot, detached corps, Ben Chapman, Michael Keating, Phil Smith and Andy, Washington women, caught something, Tom, Sarah


tramp to Washington, War Dept, Smithsonian, Navy Yard, Capitol, Dave Laughlin, father to Roscoe Conklin for furlough, Francis Kernin, strict orders


exchanged, going to front, clothing and 1800 guns, dream of going home vanished, Fletch nurse, hopes war ends after winter


got recommend Conklin, took to Lieut but exchange orders, going to front, Col said no one can leave, Rosecrans and Burnside, prisoners likely shot if take arms


11th and 12th Corp left, Fletch must go with 5th not stay hospital with docs, tell Ida Pa will come home, will not desert, promotion, Admiral picture


in Camp, rumor to Tenessee Gen Rosecrans,men confined refusing arms, no exchange,Fletch, Sarah Graff, Jakes brother Fred, Gods followers, wicked men


back with Regt, bewildered, Regt altered, looked on with pride, new drills, Uticans would wonder, uniforms, owe Uncle Sam, march 8 days rations


13 days driving Rebels and retreating, captured more than them, Fletch march stocking feet, Fairfax, 96 conscripts, Bill Dagwood, paired with Fragment 1


left New Baltimore, 5 miles New Camp, No name, 8 days rations, heavy cannonading, short letter, mail call


moving 4 weeks, shoes no soles wet feet, Dagwell, sold picture 50 cents, 250 conscripts, 146th great name no praise at home, Gen Garrard loved, Battle Bristow Station


on move, 2 battles, took 2200 prisoners, 9 artillery, drove them to drown in river, log cabins, Rebel letter, railroad destroyed, Tom invalid corps, Garrard


suffered a great deal but well, made 2 pictures and got dollar, send him watercolor paints, Kate and Hank, Ida and Willie Sunday School, beau (probably Sarah), Jake


not getting her mail, she lost tooth and hair turns grey, hospital men furlough to vote, Culpeper, Rapidan, another Chancellorsville, no paper or sutler


marched to cross Rapidan but rain and mud, Meade determined, Fredericksburg, made 2 pictures for a dollar, Boys need tobacco, Tom Washington discharge


no locations, Bealton Station? cold, exposure, hungry, buying bread, tent with fireplace,sent 2 letters since crossed Rapidan, afraid she is cold in old house, Tom letter


got paid, sending $50 for Christmas, all buying at sutlers, bed of boughs, got paints, James Handwright, Steve Lent, hopes peace in New Year


Sergt Guard House, Edic late furlough, candy Ida, moved, reenlistments, guerrillas slit throats, 146 three years, determined to win, different than last winter


undated, Bealton, probably mid-Dec 1863, her Dec 7 letter, Meade rumor, half rations, winter shanty, soldiers will not get paid, Tom invalid corps, paired with Undated 2


date looked like 5, she should not have sent money, James Handwright furlough, Edic guard house brought things, deserter executed, uniform picture, exposure deaths


says Dec 11 but probably Jan 11, scans are Dec 11 1863, guard duty railroad no sleep 48 hour shifts, will not reenlist, Bill [Morey?], James Handwright, Edic


Smith, Handwright, tries to be good to soldiers, speak well of him,whiskey New Years eve, Capt Clasgens and Lieut Dutton recruit Utica, Mosbys guerrillas


got pictures, wishes Card de Visites, Melora Teed letter, shimmer, rats, been sick, Sweet Oil and Laudanum, Fletch home to recruit?, furloughs, George sleigh ride


sad she is upset whiskey, guerrilla threat, guard duty, tent mates snoring, Henry Brownell, Rebel revolver relic, Lotty, Joey letter, mother picture, grim monster war


2 days guard duty rail road, cannons, captured 7 guerrillas included major, those wounded, Cone and Stanford arrested, how treated Jakes wife, Sarah, Zouave sketch


forwards letter for father to drop at Herald Office, do not tell many who wrote it if it is printed, fight on Rapidan, prisoners on train


Julia mad at Tom, all owed money but prepare they may never get it, bounties exhaust Treasury, take $2 a week from Baker and City subsidy, lengthy cruel war statement


cold spell, daily routine described, breakfast, Charlie, Sarah, George Keiser, $1100 and 30 day furlough if 146 reenlist, sacrifice all life time for few days home


got her letter and fathers, sending picture of himself in uniform,what did she think of newspaper piece, should he write another Julia, sending likenesses of Generals


forwarding home pictures too heavy to carry, includes his own, with George Whittens brother, had with him weary miles VA and captivity in Rebeldom


orders to move, 3 days rations, possible Mine Run, new picture, old one does not look like him any more than Abe Lincoln, did not send money, being stolen in mail


probably February 8-14 1864, Undated 3, error sent her a letter for Eliza in St Johnsville, guard Gen Warren HQ, send army made Valentine, cold better


little scrape, released prisoner without proper orders as Sergt of guard and was arrested but excused with reprimand, sending more pictures, Gulich


Camp at Warrenton VA, says March 5 1863 (wrong year), pending scans from NYS archives


talks of deserting because his family is treating her like a slave, Kate, Hank, children, wedding, gaieties, cries, mad, wants to protect her


friends with Fletch but not tent mates, his picture, not a loafer, Willie, Ida, Mally, Bill Jones, Sarah, Garrards Tigers, men owe govt for clothes


Congress transferring army to navy, asks her consent, Jackson picture, Handwright, Fletch orderly, Curran, Armstrong, sketch Capt Durkee one arm


Stewarts Cavalry anticipated raid, Navy application, Mr. Hart, Lotty, father, heavy cannon, referenced enclosed Daily Chronicle clipping poem Soldiers Letters, Ford theater


got paid and is sending check, Navy papers filled out wrong so sending back, expects to go any time, preparing to move camp, cigar box lace for Ida


Ida sick, sleigh, wagon, watch, George, Tom home, Dimblebys lost child, waiting for navy papers, orders to move, sick moved, Grant, put Army of Potomac in motion


Col Navy papers, Brig Gen Ayres, now 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corp, Gen Warren, Sykes like a father, left, target practice, preparing for terrible conflict


Thursday the 14th, 1864- probably April- scans say mm-14-1864, warm, Spring campaign, drills,not transferred to Navy, Clarinda living downtown, Lotty, downhill worst


sent to father for Clara, recd warrant, not sent for Navy exam, papers did not come, will try hard, preparing to move Fri, hurt finger playing ball,doctor excused


afraid did not pass Navy exam, preparations, officers on soldiers rations, bread and molasses, no communications after 26th, her dream is wrong, he is well


mail stopped, Burnside 40 thousand men looked worn out, 10 thousand negro troops, fear hard battle, hope Lord spare us to meet again on earth, heaven protect us all


George C. Carter to Clarinda, brief notice husband officially reported deceased


George C. Carter to Clarinda, reliable news received from Army decease has been established, proceed with claims on government


Off. of Correspon. w friends of Missing Men, informed PLD killed at Wilderness, May 5 1864,Charles Y Jones, Clara Barton, per RGP


from Will to Dear Sister, mother getting a little better, malarial fever, house full of folks, doctor, Grandma cholera, Sarah Graff, Aunt Malley


from Will to Dear Brother and Sis, undated and no location, scan identified as Undated4WD, probably Utica right before 9-21, mother malarial fever


undated, no location, end of sentence, not written long time, concern being wounded, goes with 10-22-1863


Undated, no location, possibly June 29 sabbath letter, "this goes on the bottom", arrows match, closing, "I shall go to church tonight"


Undated and No Location, "4" in circle as in pg. 4, telegraph something serious, Limeback Ft. Corcoran, goes with 06-18-1863


Undated, no location, sends ising glass from Antietam, did she get $33 sent with Cones father, part of 1862-10-22


Peter L. Dumont's Muster Roll


Muster Rolls for Tom Lumbard, Fletch and Wes Dimbleby


Sketch Zouaves on picket, Confederate house, black children, goes with 04-04-1863


Sketch of Libby Prison from inside Bible, Confederate soldiers guarding, saddled horse tied to Libby and Sons street sign


Sketch of Camp on the Potomac with eagle, goes with 02-22-1863


SB mid-Dec 1863, identified as 1863-12-xx, her Dec 7 letter, Meade rumor, half rations, winter shanty, soldiers will not get paid, Tom invalid corps


probably February 8-14 1864, identified as 1864-02-xx, error sent her a letter for Eliza in St Johnsville, guard Gen Warren HQ, send army made Valentine


from Will to Dear Brother and Sis, undated and no location, identified as 09-xx-1880, probably Utica right before 9-21, mother malarial fever, Aunt Rosa, Grandma, Matie


no location or date, prob Oct Nov 62, paired with October 20 1862, p.s., Malvina, "they say I am 700 miles from home...beautiful", could not send cannon cap, stolen


no location or date, identified as 1863-04-xx, banner 1863, possibly April, just had "face pulled", may have changed