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Zouaves and Uniforms
Bull Run(b:)     Fredericksburg(f:)    Chancellorsville and Libby Prison(c:)    Wilderness(w:)    Alexandria/Washington(a:)    
Discontent and Deserters(d:)   Genealogy(g:)    Recruitment and Draft(r:)   Zouaves and Uniforms(z:)   Medical(m:)   
Newspapers(n:)    Politics and War(p:)   Other Regiments(o:)    Sutlers(s:)    Utica(u:)   

1862-10-27 : PP:  Theme: z: d: m: 
Camp Seward, color letterhead of woman helping Zouave, wet tent, Fletch, Fordis Phelps, deserters 
1863-01-17 :01-17-1863t.htmPPP:  Theme: m: z: d: a: 
Camp on Potomac Creek, VA. Black tongue, Zouaves,hard tack box coffins. Dated Jan. 17 1862 (wrong year) 
1863-03-10 :03-10-1863t.htmlPPP:  Theme: z: m: u: 
Camp sketch archway, Zouave uniform, Tom, Julia, turkey, money, Bates, Tyler, Sarah 
1863-04-04 : PPP:  Theme: f: z: d: 
Col mad and sent them without rations, command Duryea Zouaves, picture of them with young contrabands,Sesesh house, pontoons,Tom,George Wheeler 
1863-04-24 : PP:  Theme: p: u: z: o: 
Hooker relieved of Command, rumor Fremont, upset his father is turning her out, Tom mad Julia letter says mother renting rooms 
1863-06-20 : PP:  Theme: m: d: g: z: a: 
put up tents, 7000 convalescents arrived, sick to barracks, rumor furlough if sickness or death, new uniform curious, pities army hot 
1863-08-02 : PP:  Theme: g: u: d: z: 
hot sun, Mr. Hart, prisoners guarded, half rations, revolted, desperate men may claim rights by force, could have been home, says Aug 2 1863 (wrong year)  
1863-08-10 : PPPP:  Theme: g: d: z: 
Potomac clams, huckleberries, Mr Place wants Mally to write, Tom and Julia letter, Regt 190 men, 4 regts consolidated, poem in different handwriting 
1863-12-xx :Undated2t.htmPP:  Theme: d: z: p: u: 
undated, Bealton, probably mid-Dec 1863, her Dec 7 letter, Meade rumor, half rations, winter shanty, soldiers will not get paid, Tom invalid corps, paired with Undated 2 
1864-02-06 : PP:  Theme: p: u: g: z: m: a: 
2 days guard duty rail road, cannons, captured 7 guerrillas included major, those wounded, Cone and Stanford arrested, how treated Jakes wife, Sarah, Zouave sketch 
1864-02-25 : PPP:  Theme: z: g: n: d: p: 
got her letter and fathers, sending picture of himself in uniform,what did she think of newspaper piece, should he write another Julia, sending likenesses of Generals 
1864-03-16 : PP:  Theme: p: d: z: 
Congress transferring army to navy, asks her consent, Jackson picture, Handwright, Fletch orderly, Curran, Armstrong, sketch Capt Durkee one arm 
1864-04-01 : PP:  Theme: p: z: w: 
Col Navy papers, Brig Gen Ayres, now 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corp, Gen Warren, Sykes like a father, left, target practice, preparing for terrible conflict 
Undated2 :Undated2t.htmPP:  Theme: d: z: p: u: 
SB mid-Dec 1863, identified as 1863-12-xx, her Dec 7 letter, Meade rumor, half rations, winter shanty, soldiers will not get paid, Tom invalid corps