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Newspapers(n:)    Politics and War(p:)   Other Regiments(o:)    Sutlers(s:)    Utica(u:)   

1864-04-01 : PP:  Theme: p: z: w: 
Col Navy papers, Brig Gen Ayres, now 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corp, Gen Warren, Sykes like a father, left, target practice, preparing for terrible conflict 
1864-04-14 : PPPP:  Theme: g: u: p: w: s: 
Thursday the 14th, 1864- probably April- scans say mm-14-1864, warm, Spring campaign, drills,not transferred to Navy, Clarinda living downtown, Lotty, downhill worst 
1864-04-23 : PPPP:  Theme: g: d: p: u: w: 
afraid did not pass Navy exam, preparations, officers on soldiers rations, bread and molasses, no communications after 26th, her dream is wrong, he is well 
1864-04-29 :04-29-1864t.htmPP:  Theme: p: o: d: w: 
mail stopped, Burnside 40 thousand men looked worn out, 10 thousand negro troops, fear hard battle, hope Lord spare us to meet again on earth, heaven protect us all 
1865-06-19GC :06-19-1865GCt.htmP:  Theme: w: g: u: 
George C. Carter to Clarinda, brief notice husband officially reported deceased 
1865-06-20GC :06-20-1865GCt.htmPP:  Theme: w: g: u: 
George C. Carter to Clarinda, reliable news received from Army decease has been established, proceed with claims on government 
1865-07-03 :07-03-1865CBt.htmP:  Theme: g: w: 
Off. of Correspon. w friends of Missing Men, informed PLD killed at Wilderness, May 5 1864,Charles Y Jones, Clara Barton, per RGP