Peter L. Dumont's Civil War Site Themes    
Bull Run(b:)     Fredericksburg(f:)    Chancellorsville and Libby Prison(c:)    Wilderness(w:)    Alexandria/Washington(a:)    
Discontent and Deserters(d:)   Genealogy(g:)    Recruitment and Draft(r:)   Zouaves and Uniforms(z:)   Medical(m:)   
Newspapers(n:)    Politics and War(p:)   Other Regiments(o:)    Sutlers(s:)    Utica(u:)   

1863-02-19 : PP:  Theme: u: m: g: s: p: a: 
Tom back, William Jones, Demming, Tom Gray, Sergeant school, her walking to school barefoot 
1863-02-22 : PPP:  Theme: s: p: d: m: a: 
sketch winter scene, cold, snow, tents, wood, sickness and death, froze finger, government shoes, Deming, shoemaker Dennison, Washington Birthday 
1863-03-01 :03-01-1863t.htmlPP:  Theme: s: m: p: d: 
Camp near Potomac Creek,diarrhea, Demming, Dave Reese, rebel prisoners grit to backbone,well dressed, Julia, ward money, says March 1 1862 (wrong year) 
1863-03-25 : PP:  Theme: f: s: d: 
predicts Rebs are drawing them back through Fredericksburg to Richmond, Joe Hooker, Generals, Demming reports dirtiest demoralized Regt, booed 
1863-04-09 : PP:  Theme: p: d: s: o: 
Grand Review by Lincoln 80 thousand troops, Rebels opposite, Fredericksburg ruins, children begging, no pay, sketching for money, whittling  
1863-09-03 : PP:  Theme: d: u: s: g: n: a: 
papers George not drafted, Sarah Graff, Mr. Place, mean women Washington, Philip Smith, Bill Sweatfager, Bill Dagwell, Charles Milburey, Brother Henry 
1863-11-20 : PP:  Theme: m: g: p: s: g: c: 
not getting her mail, she lost tooth and hair turns grey, hospital men furlough to vote, Culpeper, Rapidan, another Chancellorsville, no paper or sutler 
1863-11-24 : PP:  Theme: g: p: s: m: f: a: 
marched to cross Rapidan but rain and mud, Meade determined, Fredericksburg, made 2 pictures for a dollar, Boys need tobacco, Tom Washington discharge 
1863-12-20 : PP:  Theme: d: u: s: a: 
no locations, Bealton Station? cold, exposure, hungry, buying bread, tent with fireplace,sent 2 letters since crossed Rapidan, afraid she is cold in old house, Tom letter 
1863-12-25 : PP:  Theme: s: d: u: p: 
got paid, sending $50 for Christmas, all buying at sutlers, bed of boughs, got paints, James Handwright, Steve Lent, hopes peace in New Year 
1864-01-15 : PPPP:  Theme: u: s: p: d: m: 
Smith, Handwright, tries to be good to soldiers, speak well of him,whiskey New Years eve, Capt Clasgens and Lieut Dutton recruit Utica, Mosbys guerrillas 
1864-04-14 : PPPP:  Theme: g: u: p: w: s: 
Thursday the 14th, 1864- probably April- scans say mm-14-1864, warm, Spring campaign, drills,not transferred to Navy, Clarinda living downtown, Lotty, downhill worst