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1862-10-12 :10-12-1862t.htmP:  Theme: o: 
arrived NY, cars not stopped, boys broke glass, 3 regiments in park, crowded, Baltimore 
1862-10-18 : PP:  Theme: d: m: p: o: 
"THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND ME", Camp Seward, sick, Gen Casey, Col unfeeling, Wes Dimbley 
1862-10-20 : PPPP:  Theme: m: d: o: 
Camp Seward, names sick, has itch, Col Corcorans McMickeys, sends flowers from Lee house, paired with Undated 5, need to add to interpreted version 
1862-10-29 : PP:  Theme: m: n: o: d: r: 
Camp Seward, review at Potomac, letter opened, Col and papers, deserters branded, molato 
1862-11-13 : PPPPPP:  Theme: f: b: o: p: a: 
5 day 60 mi march, unburied dead and horses, Bull Run, Gainsville, McClellan, 6 pgs 
1862-11-27 : PP:  Theme: f: m: o: d: a: 
Thanksgiving day, crackers and salt pork, near Washington, sick, marched 100 mi, Gen Lee 
1862-12-12 : PP:  Theme: f: o: d: 
Camp at Falmouth, witnessing shelling and burning of Fredericksburgh, got shelled shopping in Falmouth 
1863-01-11 : PP:  Theme: m: d: p: o: u: 
guard Gen Warrens hq, daughter of the Regt 17th regulars chased by drunk soldiers, Burnside, Breish trinkets, resignations, all wish war over 
1863-02-07 :02-07-1863t.htmlPP:  Theme: d: o: 
Warren, picket, Mr. Steele, Malvina, commissioned, Tom, Hank 
1863-03-13 : PP:  Theme: o: d: m: r: a: 
armed all night, extra cartridges, Rebels, 4th Oneida, Fordis Phelps, would desert if she needs money, conscription law, March 3 1862 (wrong year) 
1863-03-28 : PP:  Theme: f: g: d: o: r: 
Joey, Josey, Sarah Graff, George Reiser, Hooker, bad drill, 146 best in marching, going for wood, will Ida recognize him, if knew no draft would be home now 
1863-04-09 : PP:  Theme: p: d: s: o: 
Grand Review by Lincoln 80 thousand troops, Rebels opposite, Fredericksburg ruins, children begging, no pay, sketching for money, whittling  
1863-04-24 : PP:  Theme: p: u: z: o: 
Hooker relieved of Command, rumor Fremont, upset his father is turning her out, Tom mad Julia letter says mother renting rooms 
1863-05-31 : PP:  Theme: u: d: o: a: 
she is alone in shanty, Ft. Corcoran, Fletch, Givens, Billy and Charley Kirkland, Camp Seward easy, 146 not 4th of July soldiers, papers not come 
1863-06-18 : PPPP:  Theme: m: p: d: b: o: a: 
rumors of another Bull Run, description Menzo Gibbs death on battlefield, sick soldiers, her idea to telegraph, beef bone ring, paired with Fragment 3 
1863-08-23 : PP:  Theme: d: o: n: u: p: a: 
has been a year, may never come home, remembers their parting, Regt reduced from 900 to 170, 4th Oneida had it easy, sending papers 
1863-10-08 : PP:  Theme: p: o: u: a: 
back with Regt, bewildered, Regt altered, looked on with pride, new drills, Uticans would wonder, uniforms, owe Uncle Sam, march 8 days rations 
1863-10-22 : PPP:  Theme: g: p: o: m: u: a: 
13 days driving Rebels and retreating, captured more than them, Fletch march stocking feet, Fairfax, 96 conscripts, Bill Dagwood, paired with Fragment 1 
1864-04-29 :04-29-1864t.htmPP:  Theme: p: o: d: w: 
mail stopped, Burnside 40 thousand men looked worn out, 10 thousand negro troops, fear hard battle, hope Lord spare us to meet again on earth, heaven protect us all 
Fragment3 :Fragment3t.htmPP:  Theme: d: p: o: 
Undated and No Location, "4" in circle as in pg. 4, telegraph something serious, Limeback Ft. Corcoran, goes with 06-18-1863