Peter L. Dumont's Civil War Site Themes    
Bull Run(b:)     Fredericksburg(f:)    Chancellorsville and Libby Prison(c:)    Wilderness(w:)    Alexandria/Washington(a:)    
Discontent and Deserters(d:)   Genealogy(g:)    Recruitment and Draft(r:)   Zouaves and Uniforms(z:)   Medical(m:)   
Newspapers(n:)    Politics and War(p:)   Other Regiments(o:)    Sutlers(s:)    Utica(u:)   

1858-06-12 :06-12-1858t.htmPP:  Theme: g: u: 
from Peter in Troy to Clarinda in Utica, boat full of water, bully team, Cyrus, coal Schenectady 
1862-06-19 :06-19-1862t.htmPP:  Theme: u: g: 
from Utica, lonesome, garden, fiddle, looks "choopfallen", Jerry Mullin, Alex Lyons, circus 
1862-06-29 : PPP:  Theme: u: g: 
sabbath, lonesome, Almeda gave birth, Julia and Tom, Malvina, musksprate, Hills, Brown came in shop, paired with Fragment 2 closing I shall go to church tonight 
1862-07-06 : PP:  Theme: u: g: 
wants her to come home, chores, she has stayed with Rose so long, July 4,draft 
1862-10-07 : PP:  Theme: u: g: 
friend Marion in Cohoes to Clarinda, heard some "mate" died in Utica, is it Peter? 
1863-01-04 : PP:  Theme: m: d: p: g: 
Tom very sick, Jacob Breish coffin, Joseph Corrigan tent mate, Fletch separated 
1863-01-30 : PP:  Theme: f: m: d: u: g: 
got box she and Julia sent, can not get it to Tom, remitant and typhoid fevers, pay, Fredericksburgh relics 
1863-01-31 : PP:  Theme: p: g: m: d: 
taking box 30 mi rt to Tom at Acquia Creek hospital, made Fourth Sergeant, Fletch no barber business, says January 31 1863 (wrong year) 
1863-02-02 : PP:  Theme: m: g: 
describes train, shopping,conditions at general Hospital Acquia Creek, Tom, Lumbard  
1863-02-19 : PP:  Theme: u: m: g: s: p: a: 
Tom back, William Jones, Demming, Tom Gray, Sergeant school, her walking to school barefoot 
1863-03-04 : PP:  Theme: m: g: p: d: 
sending pipe, could sell for $10, they call him whittling yankee, earned 75 cents whittling, got gloves, Ed [Burbiege] Tom 
1863-03-28 : PP:  Theme: f: g: d: o: r: 
Joey, Josey, Sarah Graff, George Reiser, Hooker, bad drill, 146 best in marching, going for wood, will Ida recognize him, if knew no draft would be home now 
1863-04-13 : PP:  Theme: p: m: g: 
says Monday April with blank date, hopes children better, mud dried up, grass green, left in charge of Camp with Lieut Walker, foreign general, Tom discharged? 
1863-04-14 : PP:  Theme: f: g: u: 
orders to move, 8 days rations, Cavalry says across river, sent her letters home with Mr. England owns Genesee St shoe store, sister Mally 
1863-04-xx :Undated6t.htmPP:  Theme: g: 
no location, scans identified as Undated 6, banner 1863, possibly April, just had "face pulled", may have changed 
1863-06-03 : PP:  Theme: g: u: m: d: 
over cold, her letter with money, her lifting heavy things, who wanted the money, Fletch digearious fever, has not heard from Col, strawberries 
1863-06-07 : PP:  Theme: d: u: g: 
no letter from Col which was his hope of getting home, no one allowed to leave, how much are provisions and rent for paddy hole, where is George 
1863-06-20 : PP:  Theme: m: d: g: z: a: 
put up tents, 7000 convalescents arrived, sick to barracks, rumor furlough if sickness or death, new uniform curious, pities army hot 
1863-06-24 : PP:  Theme: d: g: 
waiting for her telegram, would give all to come home, girl in Camp age of Ida, soldiers waiting for letters, Fletch, artillery in camp, pin in mouth 
1863-06-28 : PP:  Theme: d: g: p: a: 
has not gotten telegraph she said sending, Fletch, hard march, wants furlough badly, 4 pictures in case Ida and Willie, afraid folks offended 
1863-06-28DB :06-28-1863DBt.htmPP:  Theme: f: m: g: d: a: u: 
Dear Brother, would have written if knew in Utica, does not write all hardships, discourages from enlisting, love to father and mother 
1863-07-04 : PP:  Theme: p: g: d: a: 
no 4th of July, took telegram to Col who sent to War Dept, dream home so reverse- will not, picture with Fletch new uniform, rumor Lee captured 
1863-07-06SG :07-06-1863SGt.htmPP:  Theme: u: g: 
from Sarah Graff in Hawkinsville NY to Clara, left Utica, house on lake, wishes died with husband and child, asks for Clara husband and children 
1863-07-08 : PP:  Theme: d: p: g: u: 
Ida sick, Papa girl, Willie, George to picnic, since telegram presentiment Lord will punish, rebels destroyed, tired, Malvina, Harwoods, Justis Place  
1863-07-12 : PP:  Theme: n: d: u: g: c: 
ring for Ida, rumor exchange soon, George, Utica Herald, picnic, she was cheated on stockings pay, Fletch photo, Bill Jones, Co A surrender, surrounded 
1863-07-16 : PP:  Theme: d: u: g: 
Ida sick again, sorry he told Fletch why she called for him and he told parents, Otto Gulick, Capson factory, money, Mary Myers 
1863-07-19 : PP:  Theme: u: g: d: p: 
hopes she got money, Ida sick, George & Mally do not write, will be exchanged, driving Rebels hard, hopes wicked rebellion ends, tired of lying around 
1863-07-24 : PP:  Theme: g: d: u: r: 
feels bad his folks treated her with disrespect, one room upstairs, her living so poorly, Joey steps and night society, Ida ring, no houses, George drafted? 
1863-07-26 : PP:  Theme: g: d: 
Mally letter with picture, boys going crazy good looks, sending Harpers Weekly, sad she cries when writes, lengthy sentiment, soon in service 1 year 
1863-07-31 : PP:  Theme: g: u: d: 
Joey letter picture, Mr. Hart, Bill Dagwell, Kate baby, prisoners revolted, new camp, guard, cut rations, CO stoned, furlough too late June 8, Dimbleby 
1863-08-02 : PP:  Theme: g: u: d: z: 
hot sun, Mr. Hart, prisoners guarded, half rations, revolted, desperate men may claim rights by force, could have been home, says Aug 2 1863 (wrong year)  
1863-08-07 : PP:  Theme: u: g: d: a: 
got her picture, soldiers will fall in love, she cannot come or might be blackguarded, Jim Harper, new Camp Parole better, cannot get stamps 
1863-08-10 : PPPP:  Theme: g: d: z: 
Potomac clams, huckleberries, Mr Place wants Mally to write, Tom and Julia letter, Regt 190 men, 4 regts consolidated, poem in different handwriting 
1863-08-16 : PP:  Theme: g: m: u: a: 
got letter and picture of Mother, carries a lot of pictures, yellow fever, whiskey and quinine, Joey, young [top?], Sarah Graff, true as steel 
1863-08-28 : PP:  Theme: g: u: p: a: 
Julia letter, her hop picking, Dave Jones horrible news, Commissioners cannot agree on exchange, Negro Soldiers, busy in charge of 68 men, same power as Capt 
1863-08-29 : PP:  Theme: p: u: r: g: d: c: 
sends picture, discourages hop picking, Utica draft, George, lay awake remembers Chancellorsville, human butchery, in charge Squad No 11 
1863-09-03 : PP:  Theme: d: u: s: g: n: a: 
papers George not drafted, Sarah Graff, Mr. Place, mean women Washington, Philip Smith, Bill Sweatfager, Bill Dagwell, Charles Milburey, Brother Henry 
1863-09-08 : PPPP:  Theme: d: u: m: g: a: 
Lieut furlough, deserters to be shot, detached corps, Ben Chapman, Michael Keating, Phil Smith and Andy, Washington women, caught something, Tom, Sarah 
1863-10-22 : PPP:  Theme: g: p: o: m: u: a: 
13 days driving Rebels and retreating, captured more than them, Fletch march stocking feet, Fairfax, 96 conscripts, Bill Dagwood, paired with Fragment 1 
1863-10-26 : PP:  Theme: g: p: 
left New Baltimore, 5 miles New Camp, No name, 8 days rations, heavy cannonading, short letter, mail call 
1863-10-31 : PP:  Theme: d: u: p: g: 
moving 4 weeks, shoes no soles wet feet, Dagwell, sold picture 50 cents, 250 conscripts, 146th great name no praise at home, Gen Garrard loved, Battle Bristow Station 
1863-11-09 : PP:  Theme: g: p: m: a: 
on move, 2 battles, took 2200 prisoners, 9 artillery, drove them to drown in river, log cabins, Rebel letter, railroad destroyed, Tom invalid corps, Garrard 
1863-11-13 : PP:  Theme: u: d: g: 
suffered a great deal but well, made 2 pictures and got dollar, send him watercolor paints, Kate and Hank, Ida and Willie Sunday School, beau (probably Sarah), Jake 
1863-11-20 : PP:  Theme: m: g: p: s: g: c: 
not getting her mail, she lost tooth and hair turns grey, hospital men furlough to vote, Culpeper, Rapidan, another Chancellorsville, no paper or sutler 
1863-11-24 : PP:  Theme: g: p: s: m: f: a: 
marched to cross Rapidan but rain and mud, Meade determined, Fredericksburg, made 2 pictures for a dollar, Boys need tobacco, Tom Washington discharge 
1863-12-30 : PP:  Theme: d: p: g: 
Sergt Guard House, Edic late furlough, candy Ida, moved, reenlistments, guerrillas slit throats, 146 three years, determined to win, different than last winter 
1864-01-22 : PP:  Theme: u: m: d: g: p: 
got pictures, wishes Card de Visites, Melora Teed letter, shimmer, rats, been sick, Sweet Oil and Laudanum, Fletch home to recruit?, furloughs, George sleigh ride 
1864-01-28 : PP:  Theme: g: p: 
sad she is upset whiskey, guerrilla threat, guard duty, tent mates snoring, Henry Brownell, Rebel revolver relic, Lotty, Joey letter, mother picture, grim monster war 
1864-02-06 : PP:  Theme: p: u: g: z: m: a: 
2 days guard duty rail road, cannons, captured 7 guerrillas included major, those wounded, Cone and Stanford arrested, how treated Jakes wife, Sarah, Zouave sketch 
1864-02-11 : PP:  Theme: p: u: m: d: g: a: 
Julia mad at Tom, all owed money but prepare they may never get it, bounties exhaust Treasury, take $2 a week from Baker and City subsidy, lengthy cruel war statement 
1864-02-20 : PP:  Theme: m: g: p: d: p: 
cold spell, daily routine described, breakfast, Charlie, Sarah, George Keiser, $1100 and 30 day furlough if 146 reenlist, sacrifice all life time for few days home 
1864-02-25 : PPP:  Theme: z: g: n: d: p: 
got her letter and fathers, sending picture of himself in uniform,what did she think of newspaper piece, should he write another Julia, sending likenesses of Generals 
1864-02-28 : PP:  Theme: g: p: 
orders to move, 3 days rations, possible Mine Run, new picture, old one does not look like him any more than Abe Lincoln, did not send money, being stolen in mail 
1864-02-xx :Undated3t.htmPP:  Theme: g: u: 
probably February 8-14 1864, Undated 3, error sent her a letter for Eliza in St Johnsville, guard Gen Warren HQ, send army made Valentine, cold better 
1864-03-04 : PP:  Theme: p: g: 
little scrape, released prisoner without proper orders as Sergt of guard and was arrested but excused with reprimand, sending more pictures, Gulich 
1864-03-08 : PP:  Theme: d: g: u: 
talks of deserting because his family is treating her like a slave, Kate, Hank, children, wedding, gaieties, cries, mad, wants to protect her 
1864-03-11 : PP:  Theme: g: p: u: 
friends with Fletch but not tent mates, his picture, not a loafer, Willie, Ida, Mally, Bill Jones, Sarah, Garrards Tigers, men owe govt for clothes 
1864-03-21 : PPPP:  Theme: d: u: g: p: n: 
Stewarts Cavalry anticipated raid, Navy application, Mr. Hart, Lotty, father, heavy cannon, referenced enclosed Daily Chronicle clipping poem Soldiers Letters, Ford theater 
1864-03-25 : PP:  Theme: g: p: 
Ida sick, sleigh, wagon, watch, George, Tom home, Dimblebys lost child, waiting for navy papers, orders to move, sick moved, Grant, put Army of Potomac in motion 
1864-04-14 : PPPP:  Theme: g: u: p: w: s: 
Thursday the 14th, 1864- probably April- scans say mm-14-1864, warm, Spring campaign, drills,not transferred to Navy, Clarinda living downtown, Lotty, downhill worst 
1864-04-19 : PP:  Theme: p: m: g: 
sent to father for Clara, recd warrant, not sent for Navy exam, papers did not come, will try hard, preparing to move Fri, hurt finger playing ball,doctor excused 
1864-04-23 : PPPP:  Theme: g: d: p: u: w: 
afraid did not pass Navy exam, preparations, officers on soldiers rations, bread and molasses, no communications after 26th, her dream is wrong, he is well 
1865-06-19GC :06-19-1865GCt.htmP:  Theme: w: g: u: 
George C. Carter to Clarinda, brief notice husband officially reported deceased 
1865-06-20GC :06-20-1865GCt.htmPP:  Theme: w: g: u: 
George C. Carter to Clarinda, reliable news received from Army decease has been established, proceed with claims on government 
1865-07-03 :07-03-1865CBt.htmP:  Theme: g: w: 
Off. of Correspon. w friends of Missing Men, informed PLD killed at Wilderness, May 5 1864,Charles Y Jones, Clara Barton, per RGP 
1880-09-21WD :09-21-1880WDt.htmPP:  Theme: g: 
from Will to Dear Sister, mother getting a little better, malarial fever, house full of folks, doctor, Grandma cholera, Sarah Graff, Aunt Malley 
1880-09-xx :Undated4WDt.htmP:  Theme: g: 
from Will to Dear Brother and Sis, undated and no location, scan identified as Undated4WD, probably Utica right before 9-21, mother malarial fever 
Fragment2 :Fragment2t.htmP:  Theme: u: g: 
Undated, no location, possibly June 29 sabbath letter, "this goes on the bottom", arrows match, closing, "I shall go to church tonight" 
MusterRoll1 : P:  Theme: g: m: 
Peter L. Dumont's Muster Roll 
MusterRoll2 : PPP:  Theme: m: u: g: 
Muster Rolls for Tom Lumbard, Fletch and Wes Dimbleby 
Undated3 :Undated3t.htmPP:  Theme: g: u: 
probably February 8-14 1864, identified as 1864-02-xx, error sent her a letter for Eliza in St Johnsville, guard Gen Warren HQ, send army made Valentine 
Undated4WD :Undated4WDt.htmP:  Theme: g: 
from Will to Dear Brother and Sis, undated and no location, identified as 09-xx-1880, probably Utica right before 9-21, mother malarial fever, Aunt Rosa, Grandma, Matie 
Undated5 :Undated5t.htmPP:  Theme: u: g: m: 
no location or date, prob Oct Nov 62, paired with October 20 1862, p.s., Malvina, "they say I am 700 miles from home...beautiful", could not send cannon cap, stolen 
Undated6 :Undated6t.htmPP:  Theme: g: 
no location or date, identified as 1863-04-xx, banner 1863, possibly April, just had "face pulled", may have changed