Peter L. Dumont's Civil War Site Themes    
Bull Run(b:)     Fredericksburg(f:)    Chancellorsville and Libby Prison(c:)    Wilderness(w:)    Alexandria/Washington(a:)    
Discontent and Deserters(d:)   Genealogy(g:)    Recruitment and Draft(r:)   Zouaves and Uniforms(z:)   Medical(m:)   
Newspapers(n:)    Politics and War(p:)   Other Regiments(o:)    Sutlers(s:)    Utica(u:)   

1862-11-13 : PPPPPP:  Theme: f: b: o: p: a: 
5 day 60 mi march, unburied dead and horses, Bull Run, Gainsville, McClellan, 6 pgs 
1862-11-16 : PP:  Theme: f: 
Warington, surrounded by rebels and preparing to move, Jackson behind them 
1862-11-27 : PP:  Theme: f: m: o: d: a: 
Thanksgiving day, crackers and salt pork, near Washington, sick, marched 100 mi, Gen Lee 
1862-12-12 : PP:  Theme: f: o: d: 
Camp at Falmouth, witnessing shelling and burning of Fredericksburgh, got shelled shopping in Falmouth 
1862-12-16 : PP:  Theme: f: d: p: 
Camp near Fredericksburgh, describes 6 days of Battle of Fredericksburgh in detail 
1862-12-18 : PP:  Theme: f: d: 
Battle of Fredericksburgh, horrors, retreat, rear guard, lost, bridge destroyed as left 
1862-12-19 : PPP:  Theme: f: m: d: u: a: 
Camp on Potomac Creek, sketch of Fredericksburgh made during bombardment, Tom to General Hospital 
1862-12-20 : PP:  Theme: f: d: m: u: 
Camp on Potomac Creek, Tom sick dysentary, court martial, no more Fredericksburgh 
1862-12-23 : PP:  Theme: f: u: d: p: m: a: 
Camp on Potomac Creek, reflects on peaceful life, buried 2 more, court martial 30 pound log, peace talk 
1862-12-25 : PP:  Theme: f: m: d: 
Christmas, hard to see die when might as well be sent home, disease doctors do not understand, deserters 
1863-01-30 : PP:  Theme: f: m: d: u: g: 
got box she and Julia sent, can not get it to Tom, remitant and typhoid fevers, pay, Fredericksburgh relics 
1863-03-25 : PP:  Theme: f: s: d: 
predicts Rebs are drawing them back through Fredericksburg to Richmond, Joe Hooker, Generals, Demming reports dirtiest demoralized Regt, booed 
1863-03-28 : PP:  Theme: f: g: d: o: r: 
Joey, Josey, Sarah Graff, George Reiser, Hooker, bad drill, 146 best in marching, going for wood, will Ida recognize him, if knew no draft would be home now 
1863-04-04 : PPP:  Theme: f: z: d: 
Col mad and sent them without rations, command Duryea Zouaves, picture of them with young contrabands,Sesesh house, pontoons,Tom,George Wheeler 
1863-04-06 : PP:  Theme: f: p: 
sore eye Co A and Co H snowball fight, Lincoln review, copied funny Fredericksburg wedding night letter 
1863-04-14 : PP:  Theme: f: g: u: 
orders to move, 8 days rations, Cavalry says across river, sent her letters home with Mr. England owns Genesee St shoe store, sister Mally 
1863-04-17 : PP:  Theme: f: p: d: 
did not move, heavy rainstorm, sending $40 allotment pay, balloons over Fredericksburg looking for strike 
1863-04-19 : PP:  Theme: f: p: a: 
order to move, 8 days rations, sick to Washington, curious move, jokes she says she will be like poor girl, ammunition explosion, Hooker broke leg 
1863-04-26 : PP:  Theme: f: d: u: 
tramp to Falmouth and Fredericksburg ruins, Rebel soldiers fishing in Union uniforms, graybacks and yellow bellies, pack 8 days rations, her living with strangers 
1863-06-28DB :06-28-1863DBt.htmPP:  Theme: f: m: g: d: a: u: 
Dear Brother, would have written if knew in Utica, does not write all hardships, discourages from enlisting, love to father and mother 
1863-11-24 : PP:  Theme: g: p: s: m: f: a: 
marched to cross Rapidan but rain and mud, Meade determined, Fredericksburg, made 2 pictures for a dollar, Boys need tobacco, Tom Washington discharge