Peter L. Dumont's Civil War Site Themes    
Chancellorsville and Libby Prison
Bull Run(b:)     Fredericksburg(f:)    Chancellorsville and Libby Prison(c:)    Wilderness(w:)    Alexandria/Washington(a:)    
Discontent and Deserters(d:)   Genealogy(g:)    Recruitment and Draft(r:)   Zouaves and Uniforms(z:)   Medical(m:)   
Newspapers(n:)    Politics and War(p:)   Other Regiments(o:)    Sutlers(s:)    Utica(u:)   

1863-03-23 : PP:  Theme: c: d: m: 
ordered to march with only food and blanket, Bright on crutches and other cripples ordered to march, if killed on field bring up children as Christians 
1863-05-17 :05-17-1863t.htmPPPPPP:  Theme: c: 
sketch made in Libby Prison, details Battle of Chancellorsville, Mud March, Libby Prison experience, names of prisoners, Steamer S.R.Spaulding 
1863-05-19 : P:  Theme: c: 
short letter, orders to leave Camp Parole, do not send money, tell Fletchers parents not to write until they hear 
1863-05-22 : PP:  Theme: c: a: 
traveled all over and settled at Convalescent Camp near Alexandria, suffered past weeks, hopes to come home in August, needs money 
1863-05-24 :05-24-1863t.htmlPP:  Theme: c: d: 
Convalescent Camp, marched by Rebel Cavalry, horrible Libby Prison conditions and rations, sentry to fire if approach window, delightful camp now  
1863-07-12 : PP:  Theme: n: d: u: g: c: 
ring for Ida, rumor exchange soon, George, Utica Herald, picnic, she was cheated on stockings pay, Fletch photo, Bill Jones, Co A surrender, surrounded 
1863-08-29 : PP:  Theme: p: u: r: g: d: c: 
sends picture, discourages hop picking, Utica draft, George, lay awake remembers Chancellorsville, human butchery, in charge Squad No 11 
1863-11-20 : PP:  Theme: m: g: p: s: g: c: 
not getting her mail, she lost tooth and hair turns grey, hospital men furlough to vote, Culpeper, Rapidan, another Chancellorsville, no paper or sutler 
Picture2 :LibbyPrison1t.htmP:  Theme: c: 
Sketch of Libby Prison from inside Bible, Confederate soldiers guarding, saddled horse tied to Libby and Sons street sign