Peter L. Dumont's Civil War Site Themes    
Bull Run(b:)     Fredericksburg(f:)    Chancellorsville and Libby Prison(c:)    Wilderness(w:)    Alexandria/Washington(a:)    
Discontent and Deserters(d:)   Genealogy(g:)    Recruitment and Draft(r:)   Zouaves and Uniforms(z:)   Medical(m:)   
Newspapers(n:)    Politics and War(p:)   Other Regiments(o:)    Sutlers(s:)    Utica(u:)   

1862-10-22 : PPPP:  Theme: m: b: a: 
Camp Seward, may have camp itch, Washington Hospital, Antietem glass, small pox vaccine, paired with Fragment 4 
1862-11-07 : PP:  Theme: d: a: 
Camp Seward, embossed shield on letterhead,cold, snow, wet, bread, beans, and water,smoky tents 
1862-11-13 : PPPPPP:  Theme: f: b: o: p: a: 
5 day 60 mi march, unburied dead and horses, Bull Run, Gainsville, McClellan, 6 pgs 
1862-11-27 : PP:  Theme: f: m: o: d: a: 
Thanksgiving day, crackers and salt pork, near Washington, sick, marched 100 mi, Gen Lee 
1862-12-19 : PPP:  Theme: f: m: d: u: a: 
Camp on Potomac Creek, sketch of Fredericksburgh made during bombardment, Tom to General Hospital 
1862-12-23 : PP:  Theme: f: u: d: p: m: a: 
Camp on Potomac Creek, reflects on peaceful life, buried 2 more, court martial 30 pound log, peace talk 
1863-01-17 :01-17-1863t.htmPPP:  Theme: m: z: d: a: 
Camp on Potomac Creek, VA. Black tongue, Zouaves,hard tack box coffins. Dated Jan. 17 1862 (wrong year) 
1863-01-25 : PPPP:  Theme: d: p: a: 
building roads in mud, men would not cross, Lee said would help, men deserting, political war 
1863-02-19 : PP:  Theme: u: m: g: s: p: a: 
Tom back, William Jones, Demming, Tom Gray, Sergeant school, her walking to school barefoot 
1863-02-22 : PPP:  Theme: s: p: d: m: a: 
sketch winter scene, cold, snow, tents, wood, sickness and death, froze finger, government shoes, Deming, shoemaker Dennison, Washington Birthday 
1863-03-13 : PP:  Theme: o: d: m: r: a: 
armed all night, extra cartridges, Rebels, 4th Oneida, Fordis Phelps, would desert if she needs money, conscription law, March 3 1862 (wrong year) 
1863-03-21 : PP:  Theme: m: u: r: d: a: 
firing around, smallpox vaccine,wants her to live with his parents, not her sister Julia, Tom may be discharged,George avoided draft? 
1863-04-19 : PP:  Theme: f: p: a: 
order to move, 8 days rations, sick to Washington, curious move, jokes she says she will be like poor girl, ammunition explosion, Hooker broke leg 
1863-05-22 : PP:  Theme: c: a: 
traveled all over and settled at Convalescent Camp near Alexandria, suffered past weeks, hopes to come home in August, needs money 
1863-05-31 : PP:  Theme: u: d: o: a: 
she is alone in shanty, Ft. Corcoran, Fletch, Givens, Billy and Charley Kirkland, Camp Seward easy, 146 not 4th of July soldiers, papers not come 
1863-06-18 : PPPP:  Theme: m: p: d: b: o: a: 
rumors of another Bull Run, description Menzo Gibbs death on battlefield, sick soldiers, her idea to telegraph, beef bone ring, paired with Fragment 3 
1863-06-20 : PP:  Theme: m: d: g: z: a: 
put up tents, 7000 convalescents arrived, sick to barracks, rumor furlough if sickness or death, new uniform curious, pities army hot 
1863-06-28 : PP:  Theme: d: g: p: a: 
has not gotten telegraph she said sending, Fletch, hard march, wants furlough badly, 4 pictures in case Ida and Willie, afraid folks offended 
1863-06-28DB :06-28-1863DBt.htmPP:  Theme: f: m: g: d: a: u: 
Dear Brother, would have written if knew in Utica, does not write all hardships, discourages from enlisting, love to father and mother 
1863-07-04 : PP:  Theme: p: g: d: a: 
no 4th of July, took telegram to Col who sent to War Dept, dream home so reverse- will not, picture with Fletch new uniform, rumor Lee captured 
1863-08-07 : PP:  Theme: u: g: d: a: 
got her picture, soldiers will fall in love, she cannot come or might be blackguarded, Jim Harper, new Camp Parole better, cannot get stamps 
1863-08-15 : PP:  Theme: u: d: a: 
upset letter from Bill Dagwell says she went twice to Hart and Dagwell for money, what Old [Top?] said at Carters, cannot do his country justice 
1863-08-16 : PP:  Theme: g: m: u: a: 
got letter and picture of Mother, carries a lot of pictures, yellow fever, whiskey and quinine, Joey, young [top?], Sarah Graff, true as steel 
1863-08-23 : PP:  Theme: d: o: n: u: p: a: 
has been a year, may never come home, remembers their parting, Regt reduced from 900 to 170, 4th Oneida had it easy, sending papers 
1863-08-28 : PP:  Theme: g: u: p: a: 
Julia letter, her hop picking, Dave Jones horrible news, Commissioners cannot agree on exchange, Negro Soldiers, busy in charge of 68 men, same power as Capt 
1863-09-03 : PP:  Theme: d: u: s: g: n: a: 
papers George not drafted, Sarah Graff, Mr. Place, mean women Washington, Philip Smith, Bill Sweatfager, Bill Dagwell, Charles Milburey, Brother Henry 
1863-09-08 : PPPP:  Theme: d: u: m: g: a: 
Lieut furlough, deserters to be shot, detached corps, Ben Chapman, Michael Keating, Phil Smith and Andy, Washington women, caught something, Tom, Sarah 
1863-09-16 : PP:  Theme: p: u: a: 
tramp to Washington, War Dept, Smithsonian, Navy Yard, Capitol, Dave Laughlin, father to Roscoe Conklin for furlough, Francis Kernin, strict orders 
1863-09-25 : PP:  Theme: p: n: a: 
got recommend Conklin, took to Lieut but exchange orders, going to front, Col said no one can leave, Rosecrans and Burnside, prisoners likely shot if take arms 
1863-10-08 : PP:  Theme: p: o: u: a: 
back with Regt, bewildered, Regt altered, looked on with pride, new drills, Uticans would wonder, uniforms, owe Uncle Sam, march 8 days rations 
1863-10-22 : PPP:  Theme: g: p: o: m: u: a: 
13 days driving Rebels and retreating, captured more than them, Fletch march stocking feet, Fairfax, 96 conscripts, Bill Dagwood, paired with Fragment 1 
1863-11-09 : PP:  Theme: g: p: m: a: 
on move, 2 battles, took 2200 prisoners, 9 artillery, drove them to drown in river, log cabins, Rebel letter, railroad destroyed, Tom invalid corps, Garrard 
1863-11-24 : PP:  Theme: g: p: s: m: f: a: 
marched to cross Rapidan but rain and mud, Meade determined, Fredericksburg, made 2 pictures for a dollar, Boys need tobacco, Tom Washington discharge 
1863-12-20 : PP:  Theme: d: u: s: a: 
no locations, Bealton Station? cold, exposure, hungry, buying bread, tent with fireplace,sent 2 letters since crossed Rapidan, afraid she is cold in old house, Tom letter 
1864-02-06 : PP:  Theme: p: u: g: z: m: a: 
2 days guard duty rail road, cannons, captured 7 guerrillas included major, those wounded, Cone and Stanford arrested, how treated Jakes wife, Sarah, Zouave sketch 
1864-02-11 : PP:  Theme: p: u: m: d: g: a: 
Julia mad at Tom, all owed money but prepare they may never get it, bounties exhaust Treasury, take $2 a week from Baker and City subsidy, lengthy cruel war statement