[Undated and No Location, 1863 in banner, opening and closing, just had his “face pulled”, looks cross, may have changed, wants to see hers and the children’s pictures]


“Dear Clara

I have just been and had my face pulled But I think you will hardley [sic] know me

I suppose it looks ike me with the Exception [sic] of looking so cross it don’t look to me to be natuerel [sic] But the boys say it looks just the same as I do onley it is awful cross  Dear Clara perhaps my looks have changed some since I have been down here But my heart is not unless it is for the Better  I would like to see ours and the Childrens pictures first rate  I suppose they have altered some  But I think I should know them if they should come where I was Quick [sic] [p. 2] I wish I never had of Left them but that cant be Helpt [sic] now and now Hopeing [sic] that the giver of all good will steer out frail crafts over this now Unhappy Country to meet Happilly [sic] once more and war & strife be at an end amongst Humanity and Nations forever  I remain your Husband

Sergt.. Peter. L. Dumont

[bow shaped flourish or banner with “146 N.Y.S.V. 1863” in it]