ŌThey say I am 700 miles from home, it is a beautiful country down hereĶ


[Undated and no location, small fragment, P.S. with closing, may be October or November 1862]


(P.S.)  Tell Malvina she must read your letters because it seems as if I must write every letter to you.  Ask her what she meant by that box in the Post Office and if I can send my letters there just as well.   It will save you something after a while because I suppose the penny Post fetches them to you.


They say I am seven hundred miles away from home, it is a beautiful country down here.  You can see everything most except a woman.  I have seen only 2 since IÕve been here.


From yours,

Peter L. Dumont


I sealed up that big letter without that cannon cap because some one stole it from me and I had to let it go, but IÕll see if I canÕt get another one for you and send it some time


P.S. Ask Mally