[Undated, probably mid December 1863, mentions her letter of December 7, starting building winter quarters, Tom to invalid Corp, Camp at Bealton Station which is location of December 25 1863  letter]

Camp at Bealton Station Va


̉Dear Clara

I Received your letter of Dec [1 or 7?] last Evening & was glad to hear that you was all well  I am Sorry to hear that you have got a Bad Cold  I am afraid that you expose yourself to the Cold weather to [sic] much  if you have not got Clothing enough you must Buy it  Remember your health Before anything else  without that you might as well be with the Dead  I am in hopes that the sore on willies [sic] head wont [sic] amount to much  we are now Building up win ter [sic- spanned two lines] Quarters in hopes that we Shall Stay here through the winter  Yesterday they had the Report around Camp that gen [p. 2] Meade was Superseded [sic]   But as a general thing it is not Believed  we have got most tired of Changing [sic] our generels [sic] in the armey [sic] of the Potomac  it Creates a great deal of disatisfaction [sic] amongst the men.  Yesterday our old Capt Came Back  he looks first Rate & he was Received By the Boys with a great deal of aplause [sic]  he is a good man and I am glad he has Come Back  I have Been to work to day Lugging logs to Build my Shanty for this winter  I wish you could See the Shanty we have to live in here for winter  it would suprise [sic] you and make you Laugh at the same time  [p.3]  But a soldier Can live in any kind of a place and I Believe Can endure more than any other person in the world.  We have Been now for most a month past liveing [sic] on about half what we want to eat  it Comes from their giving us those 8 days Rations & it was imposible [sic] for us to Carry them when they gave them to us & now they are trying to Make them up on us.  By giveing [sic] us one day for two  the talk is now that we wont get paid Untill [sic] next month on the acount [sic] of most of the boys not haveing [sic]  anything Comeing {sic] to them   they are Settling up the years Clothing account & that is why they havent [sic] any thing Comeing [sic]  the last of this [p.3] month I will have a hundred Dollars Comeing [sic] to me  you must take all you can get from other folks to get along Untill [sic] I can send you some  Our Sutler Come here to day [sic] But the Boys have not got any money to Buy any thing [sic] with   Tom went from here to go into the invalid corps  But I must Close  give my love to all of the folks and take good Care of yourself & little ones  hopeing [sic] to hear from you soon I Remain yours ever & ever with love god Bless you all

Sergt P L Dumont


Send me a little Black linnen [sic] thread in a letter