[Undated and No Location, probably right after he took turkey box to Tom in hospital February 2, 1863, and just before his first reference to Julia being upset on March 1, 1863]



̉Dear Clara

Julia wrote to tom that you had a Lot of money given to you in that ward and I Can hardley [sic] Credit it or you would of wrote something to me about it I should think  She says you can afford to buy Turkeys  there seems to be a misunderstanding about that Box  it was a luckey [sic] thing that he got any of it at all   I had given up all hopes of his getting it when the thought struck me that I might get a furlough to go to him  if I had not done so he would not got any  I would rather he would have had the whole Box than she should be [p.2] Dissatisfied  when you write again Please give me the Partickulars [sic] about it from yours truly [sic] Peter. L. Dumont.

Julia thinks i feel big since I am sargeant [sic] but you can tell her I have not growed any since I have been in Virginia Pete


Clarinda Dumont


Please foward [sic]