[Undated Thursday the 14th, 1864- probably April 14, 1864- weather is warm, Spring campaign has commenced, not transferred to Navy yet, Clarinda is living downtown and has gotten out of paddy hole]

Camp at Warrenton Junction Va

Thursday the 14th 1864


Got her letter which he was waiting for a long time for.  Did not like the idea she was living downtown when he first heard it but if Lotty stays with her he won’t care so much about it.  Glad she got out of “that Paddy hole” but afraid she won’t get along as well down there with strangers as she would “where you was Aquainted [sic]”.  Drills every day and target practice every other day.  Weather is warm and pleasant.  Sutters are leaving so he thinks the Spring campaign has commenced.  Hopes they will stay there to guard the railroad.  Hasn’t been transferred to the Navy but neither has anyone else.  There seems to be some fault with Commanding Officers in complying with the order showing a reluctance to part with any of their command but he doesn’t see how they can disobey an act of Congress. 


He has only gotten one letter from George since he’s been there and he answered it immediately.  He would write more to others but the cost of postage is high.  He hopes she doesn’t think he’s reserved too much money for himself over the winter.  They have had things to buy since they came to this camp at the Junction:  “eggs cabbage onions butter & flour and we have had to Pay dreadful High Prices for them…  He never bought any of them because he felt like he would be taking it out of her and the children’s mouths.  Sutters will not be allowed in the army again until winter.  Asks her to write with the number of the house she lives in and where it is.  “We have climbed to the to [sic] top of the hill & are now on our downward course but I am afraid the downhill will be the worst.”  Hopes the fighting will end this summer so they can come home before the three years is up.  Lengthy closing.  “P.S. tell Loty to write.  I am afraid you have lost your old Bean Sarah Graff ____ a kiss”