[Undated and No Location, “4” in circle as in pg. 4, asks her to telegraph something serious, two-sided with closing]


“It I don’t think it would be a great Crime for there are no signs of an exchange very soon and I might as well be there as here Dear Clara any way to see you once again  yesterday I saw [Gen? Geo?] Limeback & wife at Fort Corcoran  She is the first woman I have had a good talk with since I have been down here  they are liveing [sic] as Comfortable as Piggs [sic] for Soldiers  Dear Clara take good Care of your health & the little [p. 2] ones & may heaven Bless you & Protect you.  it [sic] will have to be some thing pretty serious what you telegraph to have me Come I guess.  Good by for now I will try to write oftener from your ever true & loveing [sic] Husband Forever

Sergt Peter. L. Dumont.”