Camp at Warrington Junction

Wendsday [sic] Dec 30th 1863


“I am Sergt of Camp Guard to day & am writing to you from the guard House  Mr Edic came back late last night & to day he was placed in the guard House in my Charge  he overstayed his furlough 3 days but I hardley [sic] think anything will be done with him for he says it is not his fault but some accident on the Rail Road that detained him.”  The things she sent were like a surprise party for him because he wasn’t expecting anything and thanks her very much.  “Tell Ida Bless her little heart that candy was good she sent me it is the first I have had since I left home tell her Pa eat it all up.”  The picture she sent of Ida is all worn out from being in his pocket.  He was surprised they moved to Warrington Junction and didn’t want to move because he had set up a nice camp, but it was because of the men reenlisting. 


“The Country around here is infested very thick with Gurrillas [sic] & our duty Picket duty is very heavy on us at Present 25 men out of a Company at one time.  The Gurrillas [sic] have become very Bold around here of late  they are making Raids on us nightly & very frequently we find our men Surprised where there is a Small Squad doing duty Striped [sic] of all their clothing & their throats cut from Ear to Ear. “  They slept with pieces loaded the night before last expecting an attack.  Hopes she got the $50 for Christmas.  They will be mustered in for another 2 months pay.


“2 days after to day we of the 146 will be in this Rebellion 3 different years  1862 1863 & 1864  So if it should end this winter we would be in this war three years after all.”  Lengthy wish for peace and determination to win.  “The soldiers have Suffered and Endured So Much through the folly of Rebels they all unite one other in saying that there Can Be No Peace Untill Every Vestige of Rebelion [sic] is Swept from the face of the earth & all seem Determined in their Resolve  the feeling is far different from what it was last winter  then they wanted Peace on any Terms  But it is not so now.”  Is going to start build a shanty because he’ll have to sleep on the ground until he does so.  Lengthy closing.