Camp on Potomac Creek near Fredericksburgh

December 23 1862


Tells her how much he counts on her letters, loves her, “I am glad now that I am placed amongst Dangers that I can look back and see how Peaceful and Quiet we have lived together and enjoyed each others society so long without trouble and strife”.  Almost as warm as summer.  Everyone is hoping for a Christmas box but he doesn’t know what to say because some boxes have sat in Washington for six weeks.  Buried two more comrades with proper boards telling their name and age.


“We heard on dress Parade the Punishment some of our Boys has got to take that was Court Martiald [sic] on November 30th they have got to cary [sic] a log weighing 30 pounds for 30 days from morning until [sic] night and forfeit 5 dollars of their Monthly Pay for 3 months because they dident [sic] turn out on Review on the 26 of last month there was some 6 or 7 of them but thank the Lord Dear Clara I am not one of them”.   Tom is doing better but wishes for letters from home.  “Dear Clara I wonder if they talk as much about Peace at home as they do here in Camp we are all the time talking about Peace down here but don’t seem to be settleing [sic] it very fast.  Rumor that they might go to Alexandria for winter quarters.  Rumors of peace vs. fight “keep up a Perpetual Excitement”.  Asks about children and family, for her to kiss the little ones often and tell them he is coming home so they won’t forget him.