Camp on Potomac Creek 4 miles from Fredericksburgh

December 20 1862


Great many sick and dying of exposure, cold and wet.  Tell Julia Tom is pretty sick with the Bloody Disentary [sic] but is getting better.  Peter is feeling better than he has since he’s been there except for the cold weather.  “I cant stand the cold weather like I used to”.  Has a fireplace inside the tent now.  Doesn’t hear anything about renewing the battle at Fredericksburgh. 


“There is going to be a general Court Martial in our Regt on the acount [sic] of deserting in front of the Enemy”.  Names Tom Kirkland (no one has seen him) and Mike Keating (left but came back).  “I was coward enough but I wouldent [sic] have the name if I had got killed in the Battle yes I and fletch stood ready to go anywhere but either one of us would of rather been somewhere else…We are expected to be paid off every day since the fight and we haven’t got it yet I have got fifty cents left and I think that will do me untill [sic] I get paid off.”   


Hasn’t heard from her, thinks she doesn’t write as much as she used to, begs her to write.  Asks if she will have enough money:  “…tell our folks I think they are very kind for giving away to let us in the house and not asking any more for it than they do”.  Hasn’t heard from father or Bill.  “…tell me if the Children grows any and if Ida and Charley has such times as they used to have if they do I think it will try your Paitience [sic]”.  Asks her to take care of herself:  “I would not want to see you Worn out to a shadow”.  Tell Sarah Groff [?] she may thank the Lord that her Jake never came with us, he misses the poor fellow very much and thinks he’s better off.