Camp near Potomac Creek VA

Friday December 16th [sic- should be 19th?] 1862


Sketch he started of the bombarding of Fredericksburgh while it was happening but they got ordered across the river and he couldnŐt finish it.   They are under marching orders, some say back into Fredericksburgh, others say back towards Washington.  He doesnŐt think going back because old guns were replaced with new Springfield rifles and all sick and crippled were sent off to the General hospital including Tom and George Wheeler went with him.  He doesnŐt know where that is but some say Washington. ŇBut the men donŐt want to fight any more some of the Regulars are getting paid off.Ó


Says he can tell she didnŐt keep her word to write every Sunday, feels bad she is lonely Ňbut where is lotty and malley they cant all be goingÓ.   Many received food boxes and everything was spoiled, would like a box but she had better wait.  All hope to go home in the Spring.  CanŐt wait to see her and dreams of little Ida almost every night. Perhaps she will never hear from him again if they go into a fight.