Camp at Fredericksburgh VA

Sunday November 30th 1862



Got her letter and sorry to hear she is working so hard on military coats.  Getting better.  Many in hospital.  So lonesome on this Sunday. Wrote a letter for Tom.  Dreamed he was home in the garden picking something for her to make soup and hurt his knee, pain woke him up and he was so disappointed to be in tent.  She had mentioned her letters might sound cold but he says they do not.  Wishes he hadn’t said some things to her but he loves her so much and his only regret is that his position in life hasn’t allowed him to do better by her.  Reminisces about children and tears come to his eyes: “Poor little Ida how she used to run for her Bonnet when I went for my Cap Bless her little pimpim [sic] face.”


“There is not any more news here at present worth telling onley [sic] some of them say the reason why we are lying still so long is that there is so many Peace Runners around and they think they will settle this war I hope to god it is so and then we will all come home again and live Happy and Contented.”   “P.S. I am glad to think that Pa did not come down here”.