November 30th 1862


To Clarinda from friend Marion in Cohoes Albany County NY.  Glad to hear it wasn’t “Peat” who was dead.  Thinks of Clarinda every day.  “I was in a perfect stue [sic] until [sic] I got your letter.  I was sorry to hear the regment [sic] had left Rome I was thinking perhaps it would not be called for this winter.  I was very sorry to hear the children had the hooping [sic] cough….the mill is running full time and we have got back our ten per cent so we are all right again”.  Mentions Ray Babcock, Bill McGarvey [?] and Ed Jones came and Gordon took him to stay briefly in the boarding house.  Went to a Thanksgiving Ball.  Give my love to [Julia? Lola?] and Bill and “Peat”.