Camp near Kelleys ford Va

Friday Nov 20th 1863


Got her letter but doesn’t know why she isn’t getting his, must be problem with the mail going out.  They have been in one battle but he wrote to her twice since then.  “I am sorry to hear you have lost one of your front teeth and your hair is getting grey.  But I shall never think the less of you for that as long as you are what you have always been.  I pray for you every night that you may keep your health & that we may soon meet again  the Reason why the Boys of our Regt has got furloughs was Because they was taken sick & went to Washington & there was an Order isued [sic] for them all what was in hospitals to have furlough to go home & vote  So you must not be surprised if I cannot get one here from the field.”  Expects he would be refused if he asks unless he happens to get sick and end up in the hospital. 


They are still in the same place as where he wrote from before and still carry 8 days rations.  “I think we will go up to Culppepper [sic] & stay there for a while like as not we will try to cross the Rappadan Before winter sets in & have another Chancelorville [sic] fight.”  No one knows but all think the war will end by spring.  He can’t write often because they are moving and he only has 2 or 3 sheets of paper and he will have to borrow an envelope.  There are no Sutters anywhere to buy anything.  “Tell me how you lost your tooth and Be Careful & don’t loose [sic] any more…if you should happen to loose [sic] all of your teeth & your hair turn to white I will love you as ever as I Promised Before god and man.”  Closing.  “P.S. I am third Sergt now.”