ŇThere was an Order issued for them all what was in hospitals to have furloughs to go home and voteÓ


Camp near KellyŐs Ford VA

Friday, November 20, 1863


Dear Clara,


I received your letter last evening and was glad to hear that you was all well.  My health at present is very good.  Our Regt. was not in action at the last Battle, only some of the Corps.  They took a great many prisoners.  We was on the field after dark but got there too late for the fighting.  I believe I have written two letters to you since that time and I canŐt see what is the reason you donŐt get them, unless it is because of the mail not going out.


I am sorry to hear you have lost one of your front teeth and your hair is getting grey, but I shall never think any the less of you for that, as long as you are what you have always been.  I pray for you every night that you may keep your health and that we may soon meet again.


The reason why the Boys of our Regt. has got furloughs was because they was taken sick and went to Washington, and there was an Order issued for them all what was in hospitals to have furloughs to go home and vote.  So you must not be surprised if I cannot get one here from the field.  I expect to get refused if I ask for one.  If I should happen to be taken sick and sent to Washington, I think I might get one there.


We are still in the same place where I wrote to you before and we still keep up the 8 days rations.  I think we will move from here in a few days, but I donŐt know for certain.  I think we will go up to Culpeper and stay there for a while.  Like as not, we will try to cross the Rapidan before winter sets in and have another Chancellorsville fight.  There is no one here can tell what we are going to do in the Army.  But it seems to be the prevailing opinion that the war will come to a close by next spring.  I hope to God that it may be so. 


So you must not feel bad if you donŐt hear from me oftener, for we have been on the move so much I could not write to you more, and now I have not got paper, only 2 or 3 sheets, and no envelopes.  I will have to borrow one to put this one into.  So I will have to be careful with my paper to make it last.  There is not sutters here to buy anything of, and there has not been any since we have been moving.


But I must come to a close.  Tell me how you lost your tooth and be careful and donŐt lose any more.  Give my love to all inquiring friends and my love to all of my folks.  Take good care of Ida and Willie and also of yourself, and if you should happen to lose all of your teeth and your hair turn to white, I will love you as ever as I promised before God and man.  God protect and comfort you in my absence.  Also remember our little ones.


From your husband with love until death,

Sergt. P.L. Dumont


A kiss [encircled]