Arlington Heights, Camp Seward

October 22nd 1862


[letterhead of US Capitol, Headquarters 146th Reg’t N. York Vols., Col Garrard, Company – written in A Capt Cone]


Can hardly walk, “all swelled up in the groins and broke out in sores the docters [sic] don’t know what to make of it the soldiers here say I have got the Camp itch but the docters [sic] say I haven’t”.    They have marching orders for Harpers Ferry tomorrow but doctors say he has to stay behind and he may have to go to Washington Hospital but he doesn’t want her to worry because he doesn’t feel sick, only lame and no appetite.  Has to walk “stradel leged” and all the boys laughing at him.  The health of the rest of the camp is poor with all kinds of sicknesses.  They are getting vaccinated for small pox.  Some are getting discharged.  “This letter is covered with Virginia Sand and it looks awful dirty….this is such a bad place to write we having to lie on the ground to write… this is a very wicked place but don’t fear for e because you know what I have been heretofore” .  Young clergyman, 17 years old, held Sabbath meeting that was well attended and gave religious books to all those that would take them. [not signed so there may be another page.