ŇEverything has bewildered my head so I could not write before thisÓ


Camp Near Culpeper VA

[Thursday,] October 8, 1863


Dear Clarinda,


I am well today and hope these few lines will find you all enjoying the same good health at home.  I started from Convalescent Camp on last Monday and arrived at this Camp late at night of the same day, and everything has bewildered my head so I could not write before this.  It seems as if I cannot get accustomed to the old Camp life again.


And now I must tell you about our Regt.  It has altered considerable since I last saw it and has now become so it is looked upon with pride by the whole of our Corps.  While they are drilling, officers from other Regts. come to see and admire them.  But it is very hard for the Boys to drill the new drill.  If they could be seen in Utica today, Uticans would look on them with wonder.


As soon as we got to the Regt they send for the uniform for us and today they have got guns for us.  The Boys was just paid off when we got here, so we will have to wait until they get paid off again, and this time they are settling up the yearŐs clothing account and some of them are a great deal in debt to the government.  I donŐt know how much I owe Uncle Sam, but I guess I will find out this afternoon and today we have got orders to be ready for a march. 


Where we are going is more than any of them can imagine.  We are way out in front and it is the opinion of a good many that we are going to fall back around Washington but it remains to be seen.   The Boys has had 8 days rations some time and there is talk of their getting them again.  It looks as if we are going to be gone some time.


Dear Clara, you must take good care of yourself and not worry too much about me.  I will try and do the best that I can.  Give my love to all inquiring friends and acquaintances.  Goodbye for now.  God comfort and protect you all.  I will try and write more next time.  Write soon.


From your husband, with love ever,

P.L. Dumont


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Sergt P. L. Dumont

Co. A 146 NY Vols

5th Corps

Washington D.C.