“I thought perhaps it might be Mr. Dumont”




October 7th 1862


Dear Friend,

I would have written to you before this but I have had company ever since I got back so my time has all been taken away in trying to make it pleasant for her.  It is an old friend of mine from Schoharie. 


Dear Clarinda, what made me write tonight:  Mrs.  [Hong’s?] mother had a letter from her yesterday stating that Lyman had been down at Utica to attend a funeral..  He said one of his mates had died very suddenly and he has been down to the funeral.  I have been so worried ever since for I thought perhaps it might be Mr. Dumont but I hope in God it is not for your sake.


Dear Clarinda, I will not [write] any more tonight as it is getting late and my folks is all in bed.  Hoping this will find you all well.  Write me soon as you get this for I shall be so uneasy till I hear from you, then I will write a decent letter.  Give my love to all. Tell Bill I would like if he would send me a paper when the regiment leaves Rome.

From your friend Marion


Albany Co., NY”