Camp Parole Va

Sunday Sept 25th 1863



Got her letters, glad to hear she is well as he is.  “As soon as I got the recommend of Mr. Conklin I took it and went to the Lieutenant and he had just received an Order from the war Department  that we are all Exchanged  he let me read it & I found it was true so it was of no use going to Washington with the paper  But last night I went to him again and he said he would do all he could to get me a pass to go to Washington  So he wrote me a good Recommend for a Pass I took it and went to Head Quarters & the Col said he would like to give me a pass but his orders was not to let any one go out of the Camp  So I am to day writeing [sic] just the way things is I do not Believe it is wright I should have a furlough or else I would have had one long before now the way I have tried to get one”. 


They had orders to leave this morning but for some reason they didn’t.  Nobody believes him that they have been Exchanged because there is nothing in the papers about it. “They all think because the Rebels have been placed back in the field against [Rosearand?] & Burnside our goverment [sic] will do the same for Retaliation & if we are ever taken Prisoner again most likely we shall be shot for takeing [sic] up arms before we are exchanged  A dreadful feeling prevails amongst the Boys on that acount [sic]  I have been called away on Court Martial all day to day for pretty much  I have just heard that we will all go to the front to morrow morning.” Lengthy closing about wishing he had seen her one more time and take care of the children.