September 21/80


“Dear Sister

I received your letter this noon  mother is getting along slow now but she is a great deal better  Last Friday she was so [low?] that the Folks was afraid  both Sarah Graft and Grandma sat by the bed all night and the house was full of Folks  I was going to send for you but Grandma said to wait till morning and see how she was and when the morning came she was a great deal better and the Docter [sic] says the worst part is past although she may have more fever they [sic] only trouble we had was in getting folks to stay there  Grandma was taken [p.2] Sick with the Colera Saturday night and we had to send for Sarah Graft  Aunt Malley has sat up a few nights  Mrs. Graham sat up 1 night   Just as I am writing this aunt Rosa has come up so I guess we will get along all right  there is a great any people here who has the malerial fever and very dangerous  Mrs Gotting in west Utica died day before yeasterday [sic] with it and hanna Elijha Cummins wife has got it and is Staying at Mrs [Mellars?} now don’t worry for the Doctor says Mother is getting along Splendid  I will write again in a Day or So  now you write for a Letter Seems to cure her

this is all

Yours Ever


[decorative lines]”