Camp Parole VA

Sunday August 29th [/ or 1] 63


Is well but lonesome and sad.  “I have got things straightend [sic] around so now with my spread of men that I find more time than I thought I would have  yesterday I went and had another likeness taken for I want you to have a good one  Every one Prounounces [sic] this to be a good Picture of me as I know look.  I suppose I don’t look as I used to but one thing if I am alerted in looks you may Rest Asured [sic] that I am Not altered any way else onley [sic] I hope for the Better.”  Wants to see them.  All engrossed in talk of Exchange.  the Officers here in Charge of us Say Arangments [sic] are already Completed to send us to our own States  I hope this is true But we cannot with any Certainty Rely upon what we hear.”  Nights are getting very cold but daytimes are comfortable. 


“Sometimes I wish if you have not gone a hop picking you would give it up & I don’t want you to stay at home so close neither  I am afraid you stay there to much for your own good and I am afraid if you go I will not hear from you very often  Dear Clara if you Onley [sic] knew how much I prize your letters you will not wonder at my Request  they are half of what I live [ of ff?] But if you wish to go I will not say nothing against it for I wish you to enjoy yourself as much as you can… But with me here it is far diferent [sic] I am surounded [sic] by plenty of Company none of the female kind though  & our Camp is situated on a Beautiful Rise of ground overlooking the Potomac River with its surface covered with sails & shiping.  Yet I am not satisfied.  There is a longing and craving which I cannot overcome & that Dear Clara is you and home.  I suppose by this time the draft has come has come [sic—repeats words] off in Utica.  I sincerely hope george is not one of the Unlucky ones for I would not wish him to suffer what little I have  god forbid that he will see as much of this terible [sic] struggle as I have  None can Conceive how terible [sic] it is untill [sic] they are actually engaged in it  I suppose I am not much more of a coward thatn the soldiers in general  yet the other night while I lay wide awake I began thinking of those hideous monsters called Shells that flew around us at Chancelorsville [sic] & the leaden misels [sic]  actually it made me leap rite [sic] up in my Bed and I couldent [sic] help it   oh it is terrible work this human Buchery [sic] and I hope it will soon be over with  Onely [sic] think of what this war has done over one hundred thousand brave men lay beneath the soil of Virginia alone  But I am [crossed out gettetin] getting Clean of [sic] the track of a soldier   these thoughts a true soldiers [sic] Banishes or rather tries to But I cant help Expressing my feelings sometimes.“  Lengthy closing.  Signed:


Sergt in Charge  Squad No 11 Paroled Prisoners