Camp Parole Near Alexandria VA

Friday August 28th [/ or 1] 63


Finally got her letter and one from Joey.  His health is good.  “I am sorry you have made up your mind to go [hoppicking? hop picking?] for now  I am afraid I will have no one to write to me that is all I Care about it”.  Not exchanged yet, doesn’t know if will be.  “Poor Dave Jones how I feel for him  if he would feel about it as I did I should never Care about Coming home if I was in his place  it is Horible [sic] to Contemplate I hope for his sake it is not so such news as that would Kill me  I would Rather hear my wife was dead than to hear that news god forbid that I shall ever hear it from my own home  But I can trust you  I have never Doubted you for you never gave me cause”. 


“The talk is here now if the Comisoners [sic] cannot agree on some terms of Exchange [crossed out “we will”] by next Monday we will all be sent to our own States  there seems to exist a great Dificulty [sic] about the Negro Soldier  it is the general Opinion we will not be Exchanged at all  I have now got 68 men under my Charge & feel power invested in me to act the same as Captain and my time is Ocupied [sic] some now what it used to be”.  Hopes to get home before they exchange him  “and then I hope it will be before you go a picking hops”.  Lengthy closing.