Camp Parole Near Alexandria VA

Sunday August  16th 1863


Got her letter and wants to answer even though he wrote yesterday.  Got a likeness of Mother and likes it very much, can see she’s grown older, tell her he likes it a great deal “and it shall never leave me while I have strength to carry it.  I have a pretty good lot of Pictures now to carry about But I don’t mind the heft of them I am sorry I did not get a Better one of Ida  it has most disappeared & look [sic] quite Dim.”


“It is reported here in Camp that the yellow Fever is Raging Pretty Bad & this Morning they Commenced giveing [sic] us Whiskey & Quinine to keep it off  I for my part have not seen a case of it yet.”  Sent her $25 by Express.  “Oh how I do wish I could see you to day  I feel so lonesome  I hope you feel Better over our seperation [sic] than what I do  if you don’t you must feel miserable indeed  I am sweating like a Butcher while I am writeing [sic] this for oh my you cant begin to tell how hot it is down here  But the nights are getting somewhat cooler so we manage to sleep a little Better than we did 2 weeks ago”.  “Seeing Joey feels so bad I will try & write her a few lines to day I hope you will tell me next what that young [top?] has to say about me and if she lied to you or said anything bad  I refer you to Sarah Graff for I was not out of her sight all the whole day … I never thought she was much anyway.  Oh Dear Clara I have never done anything wrong no more than what you have seen with your own eyes & god helping I don’t mean to do it  Believe me I have always been true as steel to you through life & so wish to remain.”  Closing.