Parole Camp Near Alexandria VA

August  the 15th 1863


They’ve been busy getting mustered and paid off.  Got a letter from Bill Dagwell in answer to one he sent Mr. Hart.  “He says that you was on the Point of seeing the firm of hart & Dagwell once or twice & that you was very much in need of money he says you told him this  I think you done very wrong if you was in want of money to not let me know it while I was carrying it about in my Pocket  he seems to feel Big over it to think he has helped a Poor Soldiers wife a little”.  He sent her 25 dollars by Express.  Talk of exchange but nothing official.  “You wrote of seeing Old [Top?] at Carters & she spoke about the Pic Nic  I hope she did not tell you anything to make you feel Bad for as sure as I live I hope to Retain your love I acted not in any way to make her say anything of me and tell the truth I acted not out of a married mans place while in her Company  if she has said anything mean about me or hinted such a thing I hope you will tell her that she has told a Black lie for as god let me live I did not think of such a thing  May be I am going to [sic] far But I thought when I read your letter she had said some thing to hurt your feelings  I do not Blame you if you did think something of it For I had no Buisnesess [sic] to go as I did  I hope this Rebelion [sic] will soon come to a close for god knows how Bad oh how Bad I wish to see your Dear face again & my little Ida… Somehow or other I feel as if I cant go Back to my Regt Do my Country Justice in another Battle Unless I can see you again  but he thinks he won’t be able to.  Closing.