Camp Parole VA

August 7th 1863


Got 2 letters and her picture, was so glad.  “You are a great deal flesher [sic] than what you was when I came away from home I think you look as well as Ever  I saw you looking onley [sic] you look sad & Dispirited about something  I am sorry to hear of Jim Harpers death.”  She wanted to know how he knew she was living upstairs, asked who told him.  He said no one did, he guessed it from her letter when she said she came downstairs after getting her work done and sat on the steps looking for him to come home.  “If the soldiers don’t fall in love with your Picture I have already & I fell in love with the Origanal [sic] some years ago & I find that looking over the past that love has not been Cooled a might  I don’t think george will have to come here for they are Dischargeing all Subjects of that kind here now”.  They have not been paid off and won’t be for a week or two because the Paymasters went to the Regiments and won’t come back until they’re done.  He is owed almost 4 months pay but he doesn’t think they will get but 2 months.  “There will be 68 Dollars Coming to me the last of this month.”  A lot of talk they will be exchanged soon but it could be another month.


“You must direct your letters now to Camp Parole Near Alexandria Virginia we have got into a Better Camp all to ourselves and it is called Camp Parole I would like to have you come here if it was not for a set of Rowdish Men Called Soldiers and wearing Soldiers Unifom who stands Ready to Blackguard Every woman that Comes into Camp  this is one of the reason [sic] why I have not sent for you and not a descent Place for you to stay is another Reason.”  Everybody thinks the war will be over soon.  Can’t get postage stamps. Closing.”