Camp Convalisent [sic] VA

Sunday August 2nd 1863 [says 1862]


Not feeling well “the weather is so hot the water runs in streams down my Body  I suppose this is the cause of my feeling so.”  “I got a letter from george yesterday that has been wrote some time.”  They have not been exchanged yet although they say it will be a few days “but I think it all Origanates [sic] from the thought that it is about the time for a Regular Exchange  Has not been paid.  “I Have written to Mr Hart a letter of thanks But Did not tell him of his Promise”.  In 20 days he will have been in the service for a year.  “I wonder if I will have to stay 3 years  it seems hard & yet I should not feel Exactly right to Come Home to Stay with this war unsettled”.  “The girls write to me it will be a day of great Rejoising to see their Dear Brother home once more  if they think so much of me I wish they would show my Dear loved wife some of that love  I would like it far better.”


“… we are now in a Camp where we are kept under a Close guard & there is not a Shade tree to keep us from the Burning sun & our tents draws the Sun so it is Hot as an Oven inside almost  oh my it is awful Hot to day I hope you don’t Suffer from such hot weather in Utica  the soldiers have turned out 2 or 3 times in large Bodies to Claim their Rights as soldiers but so far they have been unsuccessful  I am afraid they will do something awful before they get through with it  they are Deprived of all liberties & their Rations have been Reduced one half  Such Procedeings [sic] will make good men Desperate & Claim their Rights by main force  if they can not be obtained any other way”.  “I might just as well Been at home these two months as not if I had of Recevied that Recommend in time but it is to [sic] late now.”  Closing.