Camp Convalisent [sic] VA

Sunday July 26th 1863


Feeling lonesome.  “Got a letter from Mally to day with her likeness  Most all the Boys are going Crazy over her good looks”  He answered her and is sending it with this letter and a Harpers Weekly.  “I thought you might think more of it if I sent it if I bought it than if you had got it yourself.”  They got mustered for two months pay and he will send it as soon as he gets it, doesn’t know the cost of carrying it by Express.  “How bad I do feel because I cant get home But I felt worse when I got your letter saying you had cried every letter you wrote  oh Dear Clara it was to [sic] bad But if anything of that kind happens I wish to know it for I wish to share your sorrows likewise whatever may Befall or Beset you   I know of one fond loveing [sic] heart that will never cease to Beat for you & you alone while life remains  I cant express by words how deeply I love you & the longer I am away the stronger grows that love for you  to Part with you now I think it would about kill me you know last summer when you was gone onley [sic] a month how long it seemed to me & how Dearly I prized your worth when you came  I hope that we may live together again & live happily .” 


Hasn’t got a letter from George yet but might get one tomorrow.  Doesn’t know when they will be exchanged.  It could be in the next month.  “When I am in the service 25 days longer I will be one year in the service of Uncle Sam  god grant that I may not pass another one here.”  Closing.