Camp Convalisent [sic] VA

Sunday July 19th 1863


Hasn’t heard from her and hopes she got the money because he knows she must need it.  Worried about little Ida being sick.  “I think that in a few days we will be Exchanged & then I will have to go Back to my Regt again  it will be hard for me to do so without seeing you   But I shall try to feel Better than what I do.”


Unhappy he hasn’t gotten a letter from George or Malley and says he won’t write them again until he does.  It makes him feel bad that none of his folks write when they all know how to.  It seems like no one cares about him  “But I think I know on one who loves me & is thinking of me while I am here and that is you dear Clara  I place all the Confidence in you & Believe you are what I hoped & wished for  there is not much news here at present onley [sic] what you hear in the Papers   I think that our folks are Driveing [sic] the Rebels pretty hard at Present & they will be forced after a while to yield to the old goverment [sic] again  I hope this Summer will finish up the wicked Rebellion   I am tired of lying around in Idleness the way we are here and I have seen all the fighting I want to  But if it is my lot to go into more Battles I shall go the same as I went before.”  Closing.