[from Sarah Graff to Clarinda?]

July  Monday the 6 1863


ŇDar [sic] friend

i take up my pen to let you know that i have not foregoten [sic] you and that I miss you very much when Sunday  [evenings?] comes  yes I often think of you and your poor little ones and of thare father that is so far from you and them  i hope that the lord will spare his life and bring him back to his wife and children again for it is hard to be left as I am in this world I often wish i was laid in the grave by my husband and [child?]  i feel very lonesome by spells [p.2]  it will be five weeks Wednesday since i left Utica but it seems more like a year then [sic] five weeks  I donŐt feel contened [sic] there then eny [sic] other place I know of it is very plest [sic] here for the lake is wright [sic] in front of the house  I often sit by the window for hours and look in the water  it is getting late and I must bring my letter to a close so I bid you good night  Mary sends her love to you  excuse me for not writing sooner  I am well and hope that these few lines find you and children the same  when you write let me know when you hear from your husband last and how he is getting along.

Write soon and [oblig?] me

I remain as ever your

 Friend Sarah M Graff

Yours truly

Direct your letters

Sarah M Graff



Excuse this poor writing