Camp Convalisent

July 4th 1863


“This is the most lonely & Impresive [sic] 4th of July I ever saw  I am well in body but sick in heart & mind but I hope this will find you all well at home.”  He got her telegram Wednesday and took it to the Colonel who sent it to Washington to the War Department to get it signed.  He’s not confident he’ll get it (furlough) so she shouldn’t be disappointed.  “Last night I had a dream & I thought I was at home & I always take dreams rite the reverse so I don’t place any confidence in coming”.  He doesn’t blame her because she has done her duty and more.  He and Fletch had their likenesses taken with their new uniforms (Zouaves?) and he thought she might like it in case he’s not coming home.  Pictures are expensive there, it cost a dollar and 70 cents.  He loaned Fletch 2 dollars and Fletch says he will pay Peter or send a letter to Dave and have Dave pay Clara.


They got news that General Lee is captured along with 100 pieces of artillery and 50 thousand rebels.  Everyone is fussing and “hurahing” but he thinks it’s too good to be true.  “There has been no 4th of July here to day not even so much as a fire cracker  it has been dredful [sic] still except Services at the Chapel”.  He’s starting to feel resigned to his fate that he won’t get a furlough but he still has hopes and wants her to keep up good courage for his sake.