ŇI got it and took it to the Col. and he sent it to Washington to the War DepartmentÓ


Camp Convalescent

[Saturday,] July 4, 1863


Dearest Clara,


This is the most lonely and impressive 4th of July I ever saw.  I am well in body but sick in heard and mind, but I hope this will find you all well at home.


After looking for that till Wednesday I got it and took it to the Col. and he sent it to Washington to the War Department to get it signed, but it has not come back yet and I donŐt place much confidence in getting it, so you must try not to feel disappointed.  Last night I had a dream and I thought I was at home, and I always take dreams right the reverse so I donŐt place any confidence in coming.  I donŐt blame you, Dear Clara, for I think you have done your duty and more.


I and Fletch had our likeness taken with the new uniforms.  I thought perhaps it might not come and you would want a picture of mine, that is why I had it taken.  It cost a dollar and 70 cents.  Pictures are very high down here and I have let Fletch have 2 dollars.  He says he will pay me or send a letter to Dave to have him pay you.


We just got the news that Gen. Lee is captured and the men could not make more fuss about it if peace was declared.  Such a hurrahing you never heard.  The report is that we have captured 100 pieces of artillery and 50 thousand rebels together with old Lee.  It is too good to be true.


There has been no 4th of July here today., not even so much as a fire cracker.  It has been dreadful still except services at the Chapel.  I have looked every day for a letter this week but donŐt get any.  I hope to get one tomorrow.  If I donŐt I shall not know what to do with myself.


Dear Clara, I shall try to feel resigned to my fate but it seems hard after trying so long.  But you must keep up good courage for my sake.  Perhaps I may yet get a furlough some other way. 


Kiss the little ones for me and take good care of yourself for my sake and now I hope to hear from you soon.  God bless you and my little ones.


Your husband,

Peter L. Dumont

Sergt. Co. A 146 Regt

NY Vols.