June 29 1862


So lonesome tears came into his eyes, hasn’t gotten a letter in 2 weeks.  Last Thursday the 29th Almeda gave birth to a 9 pound daughter, they called for Julia but she won’t come until the next day because she and Tom are mad the baby came too soon.  Going to Bill’s.  Went to Tom’s last Friday after she came up from Jones and she was so mad about the baby coming too soon.  Malvina came to get his breakfast but he didn’t have any wood so she left.  He hasn’t built a fire since she left.  Want sto know “where them docter Books are jake wants his”.


“I have paid musksprate [?] 3 dollars and paid Hills 1 dollar and old Brown the milk man which I could not help he come in the shop and it leaves me pretty short”.  Wants to know how much money she has left and he will send her some if she wants it even if he has to borrow it.  “Take good care of the Babies and kiss every night for me and look upon my picture for me”.