“So lonesome tears came into my eyes”



June 29th 1862


Dear Clara


Today is the Sabbath and I have received no letter from you since I wrote you one last week.  It is nirety two weeks since I heard from you and oh Clara I hope you have not forgotten me.  I cannot help but think you have written to me but where is the letter?  God knows how dearly you hold a place in my heart and this morning I was so lonesome or I felt so the tears came into my eyes and God knows I could not help it when thinking of you and my little ones.  You must write me immediately after you receive this letter or else I shall think some one has trifled with them.


Last Thursday the 26th Almeda gave birth to a daughter, its weight being about nine pounds and Almeda went through it like a brave one.  They sent up for Julia but she would not go down till the next day.  She and Tom are both mad because it came too soon.  I have not been to Bill’s but I think I shall go this afternoon.  I was to Tom’s house last Friday after she came up from Jones’ and she was so mad she would not say much about Almeda only the baby was too soon.  But Clara, I don’t know nothing nor say nothing only Almeda was married on the 3rd of October and it is not July yet.  But my Clarinda so long as you remain true to your loving husband so long as God gives me breath I will love you.  Oh, I want to hear from you so bad and our little lambes, I cannot help from crying.  I have looked every night faithful for a letter for a whole week now but oh, I have none.


Your folks all feel bad about Rosa and do not believe she had such a big child.  Last night Charlie came over and slept with me and it was a little better.  This morning Malvina came over to get my breakfast but I had no wood cut and she went home again.  I have not built a fire since you have been gone.  When you write tell where them doctor books are.  Jake wants his.  I get along with eating well enough but nights it is so lonesome.


I have paid [Musksprate] 3 dollars and paid Hills 1 dollar and old Brown the milk man which I could not help, he came in the shop and it leaves me pretty short.  Clarinda write to me how much money you have got and if you want some for I cannot see you in want if I have to borrow it.


Take good care of the babies and kiss [them] every night for me and look upon my picture for me”