ŇI can never make up my mind to go back before I go home, it will most kill me if I have to do itÓ


Camp Convalescent, Alexandria VA

Sunday June 28, 1863


Dear wife,


Feeling lonesome and tired of mind I think I will write a few lines to you, hoping it may find you all well at home.  I got a letter from you on Friday stating that I might look out for that telegraph on Monday.  I have been looking all this week except Monday, but now I shall come on Monday to look again.


I learnt from one of the boys in our Regt. last night that Tom was only 3 miles from here, but I canŐt get there to see him.  He got tired out on the march by what I can learn.  From all that I have seen and heard the boys say, this last march has been one of the hardest of the whole war.  The men fell down dead in quite a number of cases along the road.


There has been a great deal of talk here lately of a general Exchange on the 6th of July.  I hope it is not so, for I do not care about returning to the Regt. while this hot weather lasts, and most of all, dear Clara, I can never make up my mind to go back before I go home, it will most kill me if I have to do it, but I canŐt tell.  I shall feel hopeful until I hear from you again.


I think there must be about a hundred of our Regt here now, sick and prisoners together.  I should like to see Tom if I could but I am afraid I shall not.  You can tell Julia he is well, so the Boys told me.


I hope, Dear Clara, before you get this I will have a furlough.  Please God that I may.  Oh, how much, God only knows how much, I think of coming, yet that privilege may not yet be granted.  I am afraid I have offended some of our folks some way, I canŐt hell how, for none of them writes to me.  How much I do prize a letter from home.


Dear Clara, I cut them pictures of Ida and Willie off just so they would go in that case I brought with me, so I have all four of them together.  Them pictures I brought from [home] are just as good as they ever was, only the case is soiled.


There is not much news here at present so I think I will bring my letter to a close.  Take good care of yourself and little ones.  Give my best regards to all.  God willing, I hope to see you soon.  From yours with love and truth, may heaven protect you,


Your Husband,

Sergt. Peter L. Dumont