Camp Convalisent [sic] Alexandria VA

June 20th 1863


Is well.  “We are now in tents but in the same Camp  there was about 7 thousand Convalisents came here this week & we had to put up tents  they are not as good as Barracks but the sick is looked to before prisoners as they should be of course  Quite a number of our Regt came here also on the sick list  I was talking with a man here last night  he said if a man was married and could show a good Excuse such as Sickness or Death he might get a furlough  oh Dear Clara I want to come home so Bad I listen for every word any body says about getting furloughs  it seems as if I cannot give up coming any way I have seen our new uniform  it is the most Curious looking Rig you ever saw.”


Has written to “our folks” but never received an answer.  Wants to know where Julia is now because Clara doesn’t write anything about her. 


“I suppose the army is haveing [sic] quite a hard time of it just now  I see in the papers they are falling down all along the Road most dead for water & such dreadful Hot weather  I pity them from the Bottom of my Heart for we cant keep the water from Running off of us here in the shade & doing nothing whatever.”  Had some rain last night.  “Excuse this short letter for paper [sic- missing words?] from your husband with great love.” Closing.