Camp Convalisent [sic] Alexandria VA

June 18th 1863


Got her letter, sorry he didnÕt write sooner, last Tuesday he went to visit the boys at the Fort and on Sunday he spent all day at church.  They got paid off and he got $34 all in greenbacks and he doesnÕt feel safe sending it just yet while so much money is going over the road.  If he doesnÕt get to come home he will send it all before they leave here.  A number of the boys came here from the hospital at Acquia Creek, all sick.  Most of Hookers Army is now near Washington and there is great excitement.  Stragglers come in from the front every day saying it will be another Bull Run.


ÒNow I will tell you all that I know about Menzo [Gibbon?]  at the time he was killed [crossed out-were] we were in the woods seeking shelter from the Enemys shells & waiting to get the order to form in lie of Battle  he was in a stooping position with his back towards the enemy & Dimbleby was close to him   Dimbleby fell down behind him when he heard the fire or else the same shell would of killed them both  the shell took effect about 2 inches above the eyebrows taking off the upper part of his head Completely  he fell over backwards on Dimbleby and never moved a muscle  we were imediately [sic] ordered in line of Battle & as I passed the spot where he lay I took a last look at him  his features were Composed & I thought I discerned a smile on his face  what ever became of his Remains after is more than I can tell  I saw many that had met with a similar fate on that bloody field  he marched towards the enemy Bravely & had met a soldiers fate  he seemed to have a Presentiment that he was going to be killed for he told some of the Boys the night before he would never live to come out of this Battle but he showed no Cowardice  tell his mother I donÕt think she can ever Recover his body & if she could he was so mutilated she could not bare [sic] to look at him  She has the Consolation however to know he died bravely and in the defence [sic] of his Country  I trust he has gone to a better place than earth can afford us poor mortals.Ó


The ring he sent Clara is made of beef bone.  He assumes she was joking that he made it of human bone and laughed when he read that part of her letter.  He made one for Ida but broke it before it was done so heÕll try to make another.  ÒYou spoke about telegraphing for me  I donÕt know how it would work Here  you can do as you think best about


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