ŇA fine chance to run aroundÓ


ŇWest Troy

June 12 1858


My dear wife

It is with pleasure I now improve these idle moments in talking at a distance. I am well and enjoying good health. We are down in Troy this morning and shall go down to the river about noon, so it will give me a fine chance to run around and see the place.  Cyrus has been sick and he thought he had the fever and ague but he is better now. We had our boat spring a leak and had to go on the dry dock because we could not pump the water out fast as it run in and besides all that we have been trading courses and we have got a bully team now, you had better believe. We think some of bringing a load of coal up to Schenectady this trip and not to Utica.


Oh you do not know how bad I want to see you. You must take good care of the little girl. You know what I mean, donŐt you? If you donŐt I will tell you what I mean when I see you again. I donŐt know when that wil be but I hope to see you again. Oh it has seemed as though I had gone a month already. You must excuse my writing because I am in a hurry and want to go along with Cyrus around town. Write to me if you please because I want to hear from you and all of you.  You must try and get well by the time we get back and lo I want a kiss so bad I donŐt know what to do so here is one for you [series of looping symbols].

Goodbye my dearest until I return from your affectionate husband ever true to you

Peter L. Dumont

[looping wreath around the goodbye]Ó