ŇThere was all my hopes in getting home in getting an answer from himÓ


Camp Convalescent Near Fort Barnard Va

Sunday, June 7, 1863


Dear Clara,


Feeling quite lonesome I sit down to write a few lines to you.  I am quite well now and I hope this may find you all the same at home.  I received a letter from you last Tuesday and that is all this week.  I have not got an answer yet to that letter I wrote to the Col. Maybe he will never answer it.  There was all my hopes in getting home in getting an answer from him.  They have stopped giving papers here to Officers and Privates and it is almost impossible to get out of the grounds now.  I hope something will turn up pretty soon so as to give us a chance to get home. 


Oh, Dear Clara, how hard it seems to be where I can come home and yet I cannot.  It is hard telling whether they would let me come if they knew I was dying or some of you at home.  I am dreaming of you and home almost every night.  But morning finds me always in hearing of fifes and drums.  How odious they sound to me know.  I used to take delight in hearing them.


Dear Clara, when you write again tell me how much provisions are worth at home now and how much rent are you paying for that miserable old paddy hole.  DonŐt blame me, Dear Clara, for speaking so of the place you live in for you know what a strong dislike I always had for it.  I think if I came home you wouldnŐt stay in it long.  I am afraid nobody will call there to see you in that place.  How is Sarah Graff getting along?  You have not wrote about her in some time. 


Oh, if I could only come home, dearest one.  I have so much to tell you that I canŐt write.  I hope before you get this I will hear from you again.  It is some consolation to hear from you if I cannot see you.  Send them pictures for I canŐt wait much longer before I see them little ones of mine.  I shall mail a letter for our folks with this and see if they will write to me.


Dear Clara, do you hear anything from George nowadays?  I wonder he has not wrote to me before this.  I canŐt write to him for I do not know his directions.  If you know them, please tell me and I will write to him.


Fletch has got most well again but is yet in the hospital.  As I wish to write another letter this afternoon I will have to close this.  Write soon.  Take good care of yourself and my little ones, Dear Clara, and remember a kind and loving husband.  Prayers and wishes will follow you through this, I hope not much longer, separation of us two.


Goodbye for now from your loving husband forever,

Serg. Peter L. Dumont