Camp Convalisent [sic] Near Fort Barnard VA

June 3rd 1863


Mostly over his cold.  “I suppose you have about broke your back with lifting those heavy things tell me if hank [sic] has got your things yet and if they are most spoilt  I cant Imagine what our folks are going to do with all those nice things  these are getting to be hard times to run in Debt much if I Profysy [sic] wrong there is going to be pretty hard times before a great while.  I have got that money all right you sent me.  Tell me Dear Clara if it was the girls or father and mother that wanted that money & what did they say when they heard I was taken Prisoner oh how I should like to be by you to Day Dear Clara I have got so much I want to tell you that I cant that I cant [sic-repeats words]  put in to a letter but I am in hopes I will have chance to by and by .  Tell fletchs [sic] folks that I helpt [sic] to take him to the hospital yesterday afternoon with the Digearious fever But he is a great deal Better to day.  He got up singing yesterday morning he was taken very sudden but by the time [sic- two words crossed out] you get this I think he will be well again.”  Fletch wonders why he doesn’t hear from home and the only one letter Fletch got was from Dave’s wife.


“Dear Clara I have forgot how old the Children are please write & let me know.  You may think this funny but I Cant help it  it seems as if my memory was good for nothing lately & it seems as if I was getting Deaf   sometimes they have to speak 3 or 4 times before I can hear them  there seems to be a buzzing in my Ears all the time  maybe it comes from this cold I have had & will soon wear away.  I have not heard from the Col yet but Expect to all the time.”  Closing.  “P.S.  I picked ripe strawberries here last week  I wish I could send Ida some  does she like all such thing the same as Ever   poor little thing how I want to see her.”