New Convalesant [sic] Camp Near fort Barnard

May the 22d 1863


Has traveled all over and now come to a stopping place at a Convalescent Camp about 3 miles from Alexandria and 4 miles from Washington.  They had been at both places but finally have been placed here which is only a half mile from old Camp Seward Ňand in a most Beautiful Place Everything is Clean & neat   they say it will Be Some time in august before we are Exchanged & oh if I Cant come home In that time I feel as if I shant never be of any good to the goverment [sic] hereafter  I am not any good to them now and might as well be at home as not  I Cant I Cant [sic] tell you in my letters how much we have suffered in the past few weeks so I will not try But I have gone through it all & am well and hearty as a buckÓ.  Talks about trying to get home but the men say it is most impossible.  Sent her a letter and a book from Annapolis and then a note in great haste telling her not to write again but she can now and he gives her the address.  He has not heard from her in over a month and doesnŐt know if she got the picture of him and the $40.  Let him know if she sent any money to Annapolis and heŐll write to the postmaster to send it to him.  If she hasnŐt sent him any money he wishes she would because he has no money and has borrowed the paper and envelopes.  Lengthy closing.