Camp near Potomac Creek, VA

Sunday April the 26th, 1863


Just got back from a tramp to Falmouth and Fredericksburg:  “I went to see how it looks since the Battle Every thing looks in Ruins and is almost desolate except the Rebel Soldiers that occupy the town and they were so close to the river that I could of Coresponded [sic] with them very easily if it had of been allowed it seems so strange to me that we can approach one other so close without danger and soon we shall be trying to take one others lives and be Engaged perhaps in a terible [sic] Battle But such is in times of war the Banks of the River were quite thick of Rebels to day it being a very fine day and they were Engaged in Cathing [sic] fish with net and hook you could hear them talk and laugh quite distincly [sic] they would come down to the river with the fish pole on one shoulder and their gun on the other and sit down and go to fishing without the least fear of being molested whatever and that is the way they do picket on the rebel side of the Rappahanock.  A great many of them wear our uniforms which are taken in battle but their uniforms are gray and our boys Call them graybacks and yellow bellies god forgive us our many sins if we have to attack them at this place again for it is a great deal stronger now than it was then and it will cost more lives than it did before.  They have fortified it to an Enormous Extent.” 


Still wondering if she got the $40.  Rumors and instructions every day that they are moving.  Again they are ordered to take 8 days rations in their knapsacks:  “I tell you it makes a load for a mule to carry [sic- crossed out “lets”] there is 80 or 90 hard tacks about 5 pound of bacon a pound of sugar ½ pound coffee 1 rubber blanket 1 woolen one our tent and Clothing Canteen Catriges [sic] and gun and all together makes a pretty heavy load to march with”.    Hopes she doesn’t have to leave “our folks” and go amongst strangers to live but if she must she must.  Lengthy closing, signature, circle with “a kiss, the best one that I can give you now”.