Camp at Warrenton Junction

April 23rd 1864


Health is good.  “I have been examined for the navy and I am afraid I did not pass although I do not know for certain.  We are making preparations here every day for the grand move which may be Ordered any day.  I am afraid we are a going to live harder this Spring than we ever did before.  There is only two wagons to acompany [sic] each Regiment.  Also an order has been isued [sic] for the Officers to leave their Mess Chests behind & live on the same rations as the Private Soldier does.”  There are to be no communications as of the 26th for 60 days.


Concerned about her living so close to the railroad, asks her to watch the children, says he has been living a half mile from trains all winter and it wakes him up.  “I do not see what made you have such a dream as you tell off [sic] for here I as am well & stout as ever.  Perhaps it is good to dream such a dream for I always take the Oppisite [sic] from what I dream them.  How many times have I dreamed that I was home on furlough & here I am”.


“I can’t find time to make a picture for ida just now but as soon as I can I will oh how much I have longed to see that little face & hear them little lips calling my name  oh how fond & how much I did love her but I live in hopes of seeing her yet when this accursed Rebbelion {sic} is Setteled [sic].  Well Clara if god Spares our lives for sixteen months more I think I will be a free American Citizen again.  Oh how I do long for the time to wear away but I cant help it”.


Tom is well.  Had coffee, bread, and molasses for supper: “Quite a dish.  Perhaps you would like to of been here and had some of it.”  Sends love to father and mother and sisters and brothers.  Sent his Sergeants Warrant to father to give her, some sent them home framed, he just sent it to show her the position he holds.